Love is Blind. And Lauren Speed Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton are proof of that. At a time when we are all yearning for love and light, we could think of no better couple to feature for our first exclusive editorial of 2020.

Suit: Hideoki Bespoke. Dress: Esé Azénabor

The scene was set at Hideoki Bespoke, a beautiful, Atlanta based, upscale atelier, which espouses the simple tagline, “It’s a Lifestyle.”

Suits: Hideoki Bespoke

Lauren and Cameron posed in ornate rooms, which were bathed in sunlight, and decorated with contemporary artwork and luxurious furniture. In their first fashion photo shoot, the couple modeled pieces from Hideoki Bespoke along with couture gowns by Esé Azénabor, frothy robes by Oyemwen, bold separates by Sai Sankoh, and shoes from Shoe Boulevard. Stylist Ms. Amy J placed the couple in the perfect settings, offering, “The location was beautiful, regal, and elegant. From its manicured landscaping to its architectural details and large open balconies for every room, it definitely gave a perfect feel of romance to flow along with the theme of the shoot.”

Suit, Hideoki Bespoke. Dress: Esé Azénabor, Shoes: Shoe Blvd

Dedrick Thomas, the Mississippi born, Atlanta based tailor and owner of Hideoki Bespoke, took control of Cameron’s dapper ensembles, pushing the limits of his style while allowing him to stay true to who he is. Thomas said, “[These looks embody] what fashion and Hideoki is all about: Traditional elegance with modern sophistication. [These are looks he] can wear now, in 10 years, and in 20 years.”

Tuxedo with Velvet Collar: Hideoki Bespoke.

Our Buckhead location was also significant for Thomas, who says, “Atlanta is not really known for fashion, and through the collaboration of Hideoki and Fashion Bomb Daily, we were able to show the world and the country that Atlanta does have a foundation and a case for Elegance in Fashion, just like New York and Paris.”

Alpaca Coat: Hideoki Bespoke

As for Lauren, the photos went deeper than the surface. She tells Fashion Bomb Daily, “I hope that these photos represent to the world that Love conquers all, regardless of your race, sex, religion or orientation. Until we learn to appreciate & value people for who they are on the inside instead of the outer appearance we will continue to cheat ourselves out of the most beautiful things about human existence. Love knows no boundaries and we are most powerful when we come together in solidarity and unity. I’m so honored that Cam and I represent just that;  LOVE and LIGHT based purely on loving each other for who we are as people, our character as human beings and the light of our spirits.  Regardless of surface aesthetics… we connected as two people traveling on this journey called life,  working to contribute to this world to make it a better place for our (future) children and grandkids. “

Top: Sai Sankoh. Skirt: Sai Sankoh. Suit: Hideoki Bespoke.

Cameron adds, “I hope these photos will symbolize the beauty and strength that comes from bold, tenacious love. I want people to see that while we can confidently stand as individuals, we bring so much more to the table when we stand together... I want people to see that Black Lives Matter, Black Beauty Matters, [and] Black Fashion Matters. I am honored to have the opportunity to model Hideoki Bespoke clothing and I want people to see my pride in wearing it. I want people to feel the love that Lauren and I have for each other; I wish to instill a sense of urgency in valuing Black Lives and a sense of hope that the type of love we share is possible. I believe that love conquers all and I want others to believe that too.”

Suit: Hideoki Bespoke. Dress: Sai Sankoh

In conclusion, shoot stylist Ms. Amy J offers, “It was beautiful to witness a love without fear. Love that wasn’t planned but was destined. A Love that didn’t care what people thought. Cameron  told me during the shoot that talking with Lauren, he just knew she was the one. There is nothing more powerful than a Man who knows what he wants and a Women who’s bold enough to accept it and give Love another try. You could feel their energy on set. You would’ve thought they’ve been married to each other for years.”

As one of my favorite verses says, “Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”

Mint Tulle Robe: Oyemwen
Dress: London Couture. Shoes: The Shoe Blvd.

Creative Team:

Photography: Michaella Jelin

Shoot Stylist: Ms. Amy J

Sai Sankoh looks, styled by Isha Sankoh

Men’s Stylist: Dedrick Thomas of Hideoki Bespoke

Makeup and Grooming: Latasha Wright

Hair: Anthony Wilson Using Radiant Locks Hair

Editor in Chief: Claire Sulmers

*This shoot was sponsored by Esé Azénabor, Hideoki Bespoke, Rayar Jeans, and Shoe Blvd. If you’d like to sponsor our next editorial, email Ed*******@Fa**************.com.