The fashion industry is taking a liking to the new First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and her classic looks! She appeared at the 2021 presidential inauguration ball beside her husband and now 46th President of the United States Joe Biden. Of course, she was dressed in quite the eye-catching ensemble!

Dr. Jill Biden wore a custom look by Gabriela Hearst which included a cashmere double-breasted coat and silk organza and silk wool cady dress that had a message.

The main inspiration behind the look was unity. Both the dress and coat are complete with blooming floral embroidery, specifically the federal flowers of each state within the United States. The Delaware flower was strategically placed on the heart of the dress of which every other flowers blooms from, showing that home is truly wear the heart is. Up until now, the Bidens have been Delaware residents since 1996 having a main home in Greenville, Delaware in the Wilmington suburbs and a beach home in Rehoboth Beach on the Delaware Shore.

According to Gabriela Hearst, each flower took around two to four hours to make. Garments and their detailing were executed in New York City, the coat and embroidery were created in the garment district while the dress was constructed in an in-house studio.

The cashmere coat also features a quote on the inside by Benjamin Franklin that reads, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” The quote pays homage to Dr. Jill Biden’s life as an instructor in the education system.

Lastly, the entire ensemble was created in the most sustainable way as it was made from pre-existing fabrics.

Such an amazing look with such intricate detailing!

Photos: Getty