Launching in Cincinnati, Ohio, the stylish groundbreaking line, “M.T.A.P “ is becoming a name across the country. The owner, Dani Jay, is described as bold, competent and powerful – her creative fashion endeavor enforces this message for all women. From the male dominated workplace to relationships and the climate of popular culture, Dani Jay felt the constant battle of having to overcompensate and justify her worth because of her gender. To combat this, in 2017 she launched a retail brand that rejects the objectification of women.

The line empowers women to courageously profess that they amount to more than their beauty while honoring the power of womanhood. This is articulated by the creative messaging on the clothes. The designs are affordable and rarely exceed $70.00 per item. This is a designer who wants her clothes to be worn everywhere & by everyone.

Celebrity female powerhouses like Megan Thee Stallion have been spotted wearing the brand on Instagram.

Fashionistas can explore and find items ranging from masks to active wear, lingerie and even footwear.

 “M.T.A.P” features the brand’s signature feline emblem on most pieces. Join us and explore“M.T.A.P” and become part of a movement that is fashion now, but with goals to expand to a non-profit supporting education and job readiness in the future. 

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