Looking fresh and rested is what every woman strives for. Obstacles on the way to this goal can be a frantic pace of life, poor ecology, lack of sleep, stress, increased intellectual and physical stress at work, family care, and much more.

Fatigue and tension are felt by fine wrinkles, puffiness of the face, circles under the eyes, deterioration in skin color and tone. Learn a few general rules on how to look fresh in the morning and evening, maintain your health and well-being.

Visit the massage parlor regularly

Massage is a miraculous procedure that affects the entire body – removes toxins, relaxes, protects against stress, and also makes the face and body supple and healthy. It’s great if you have the opportunity to feel what massage in Abu Dhabi is, where traditional practices are applied. If it is not possible to attend a massage parlor, at least do a facial massage yourself. Before starting the massage, apply a little moisturizer to your face. First, lightly stroke the skin, then move on to more active movements: tapping and pressing.

Move first from the chin to the ears, then treat the area above the upper lip and cheeks, then pay attention to the nasolabial area and cheekbones. Lastly, massage your forehead, bridge of your nose, and temples. The duration of the massage is 5 minutes.

Sleep in a correct way

Achieving an attractive appearance is difficult if you don’t get enough sleep. Compliance with the daily routine is the main rule that must be followed strictly.

Going to bed and getting up at the same time and sleeping the required number of hours is important not only for beauty, but also for health. Moreover, the earlier you go to sleep, the better – during the night’s rest, somatotropin and other hormones are produced that are necessary for tissue repair, including skin.

Not only how many hours you sleep matters, but also the position of the body in bed. A high pillow will help to avoid swelling of the face, and sleeping on your back will prevent morning creases on the skin. Fresh air in the room will allow you to sleep and get a healthy complexion in the morning. If possible, sleep with a window open or air out your bedroom at night. Moreover, sometimes we are stressed and think a lot of things, resulting from difficulty sleeping. Thus, relying on a supplement or herbal products like CBD or gummies is a way to achieve a good night’s sleep. You can always seek professional advice or learn more through reading online about how these products can help ease your body and mind, especially during sleeping time. So, keep calm and have a right sleep.

Apply vitamin ice in the morning

Vitamin ice perfectly helps to tone facial skin. It is advisable to prepare ice cubes in advance from a decoction of useful herbs. Try making ice out of chamomile. Chamomile has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as slows down aging.

It’s okay if you have ice from usual water. Wipe your face with it, previously clean the skin from cosmetics. This procedure will help strengthen blood vessels and boosts blood circulation. Then let the skin dry and only then proceed to applying makeup.

Moisturize your skin

All skin types need moisture. However, you shouldn’t use the so-called universal cosmetics. Choose the option that is designed specifically for your skin type.

To quickly improve the appearance, wash your face with moderately hot water. You must steam the skin, then the pores will open, which will ensure that the cream is quickly absorbed. You don’t need to rub the moisturizer into the skin. Apply the cream with patting movements.

Use makeup

Unfortunately, in the absence of quality rest, you won’t be able to look great. Traces of fatigue can be hidden with the help of skillful makeup. A light concealer will help to mask the dark under-eye bags. For eye makeup, it is better to use light shadows, but avoid peach shades if puffiness persists.

Complement your light-colored eye makeup with nude eyeliner on the lower lid. A small amount of bronzer under the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose and at the hairline, a little peach blush on the cheeks will give the face a fresh look.