December 21st, 2012
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Best of 2012: Fashion Bomber of the Year
By Claire

Though you guys are typically very lukewarm with our male reader style submissions, Fashion Bombers showed out and represented like no other this year!

Tailored, sophisticated, and suave, guys from New York to Paris caught your attention. Check out this year’s nominees:

1. Davidson from New York

Few Bombers elicited as much excitement as Davidson from New York.

Clad in tailored suits in a plethora of colors and patterns, Davidson was the definition of dapper.

To say you were swooning would be an understatement! Out of 1,180 votes, he had a 94% approval rating, with comments like, “A true gentleman of style!!! Love!” and “Lawd Have Mercy!- nothing sexier than a well dressed man-and you have perfected that to a tee–You’ve got my vote!”

Reminisce on his entry here.

2. Alain from Paris

Sophisticated Alain caused stylish hearts to palpitate with his punchy pieces and unique ensembles.

Bright pants and patterns were his thing, along with unexpected pops of color via socks and pocket squares.

His Bomber status was cemented with 89% out of 966 votes. Martinique_FR gushed, “BRAVO Alain! Your look is very “classy gentleman with edge”… Love it!”

See his full entry here.

3. Dualleh from the Hague

We had a lot of international Bombers, and Dualleh certainly stood out.

His outfits oozed effortless chic, with ample European influences.

Though you’re typically a tough crowd, you were all in for Dualleh. Siyam wrote, “Perfection!!!” and Yeyo added, “Funky fresh and dressed to impress! Certified fashion bomber!”

Read his original post here.
4. Larry from New Jersey

Larry represented for Dirty Jerz in a series of refined looks uplifted by moments of cool colors.

He didn’t say much in terms of a description, but his clothes said it all: he had an eye for style and a singular swagger.

Ladies loved Larry! Dom wrote, “Handsome and fashionable, a rare combo. His shoe game is sick!”
while Ashleigh wrote, “Absolutely love it. Call me! Hahaha.”

See more here.

5. Tyquan from New Jersey

Who knew Jersey had so many fashionistos? Tyquan also represented for the Garden State with an onslaught of creative ensembles.

The fashion student at the Art Institue of Philadelphia wrote, “ Getting dressed is the most important & my favorite part of the day.”

The daring self described Maniak Manikin displayed his style prowess by way of bright hooded jackets, pop colors, and socks with sandals.

See more in his original entry.
6. Tony from Paris

Paris represented like no other this year! Tony was one of France’s finest features thanks to his simple outfits and designer pieces.

The business man worked a mix of suits and subdued tees.

StilettoHeel approved, saying, “Great style handsome man…”

See all his pix here.
This is a tough one! Who do you think was this year’s most Fashionable Bomber?

Stay tuned for our Bombshell of the Year post!

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50 Responses to “Best of 2012: Fashion Bomber of the Year”

  1. Luv dat says:

    Hands down Dualleh!

  2. Crystal says:

    I voted Dualleh too!

  3. Loni says:

    I concur….Dualleh I still remember the day I laid eyes on his submission. It was magical!

  4. Mo says:

    Yesssssss Dualleh!!

  5. bella says:

    Davidson is gorgeous but Dualleh is the ultimate fashion bomber!

  6. Davidson is the sexiest but Dualleh jas got this hands down!

  7. jeda says:

    Dualleh, yes Lord!

  8. ladyshawann says:


  9. larry all the way..go jerz

  10. cheriemacherie says:

    iheartAlain from Paris.

  11. Nikki says:

    Dualleh…but can you slip me Tony’s digits???

  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s between Alain and Larry for me (gotta rep my hometown – NJ). But dang, how’d I miss Dualleh when he was featured?!?!? #HOTstyle! This is a tough one for sure.

  13. Pari says:

    All of them looked great! It’s so hard to pick!

  14. vizionheiry says:

    I voted Dualleh. It was a hard choice because Davidson has that classic style but I think Dualleh took more risks.

  15. Suri says:

    Davidson or Dualleh

  16. ladyluo says:

    Of all the fashion bombs, all I remember is Dualleh

  17. ashleigh says:

    Larry :) then Davidson

  18. Siyam says:

    First off, I’ve never been mentioned in a Fashion Bomb post ever, so that made my day more than you know, Claire! as for voting its a three-way tie Dualleh, Davidson and Alain. I loved all three!!

  19. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Davidson would you PALEEEASE stand up!!! He has this one hands down! That’s why he’s #1…hahaha…let me stop..but yes…Dualleh dresses nice but Davidson has this one!

  20. libby17 says:

    the HAGUE for sure! And sorry but I don’t think Tyquan should have been in the running at all, but he is, so there’s that. (shrug)

  21. GW says:

    The first time I saw Alain from Paris’ post I blushed, so he gets my vote :D

  22. kiks says:

    I vote for Dualleh, Alain from Paris, and Davidson..and in that order!

  23. Natasha says:

    Glad to see I wasn’t the only one fighting my mind between Davidson and Dualleh. Like my choice will help their lives :lol: Ended up picking Dualleh since it was rare to see mature/older bombers this year.

  24. Empress says:

    #1. Davidson
    2. Larry

    I actually liked Larry better because he had casual and business looks.

  25. Liz says:

    Such a hard decision! Some very good looking, dapper men up there.

    Dualleh looks like a young (HIM) Haile Selassie!

  26. Cyndi says:

    Hmmm I think some FBD readers voted for who is most attractive instead lol. Alain got my vote!

  27. MissD says:

    My loves Dualleh and Alain, yes that’s how I like my men to dress, Dualleh’s style is my favorite!

  28. KBS says:

    They are all well dressed, I can’t choose just one. Most of us on here I assume are heterosexual women, so we’d naturally be swayed by looks. I am quite a sucker for chocolate, so Davidson gains the lead there. But Alain and Dualleh did that thing too. 3 way tie?

  29. Soul Touch says:

    All so handsome. Alaine with that beard…Tony…Larry…dapper Davidson…

    But Dualleh all the way. Add the peppered beard, hands down.

  30. Alicia says:

    Alain from Paris!!!

  31. Skeys says:

    Dualleh and Davidson are both swoon-worthy. The others gents ain’t too shabby either. Long live the bomber!

  32. Davidson! He’s dapper as dapper gets and he’s a cutie.

  33. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    Dualleh has swag for days, but I voted for Davidson. I love his tailored suites.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Alain killed it!!! Tony and Larry were good too. I really liked Dualleh but the hair threw me off.I also like tyquans’ swag. But ALAIN did something to me!!! lol

  35. Nikkibellaray says:

    Dualleh is that guy! He brought everything and left it right there, leaving me to pick up my jaw. Tony is pretty damn fine too sheesh that man.

  36. Diane says:


  37. Kisha says:

    Davidson is gorgeous *drools on keyboard*

  38. Kisha says:

    I like Alain, Tony and Larry too. But Davdison… ummm hmmm.

  39. blackbuttafly says:

    LOOVING Dualleh reminds me of days of old when men were gentlemen. But for everyday dude, TONY noo….LARRY….noooo DAVIDSON…non…ALAIN!!!!! !!!!!

    arrgghhhhhhhhhh. can’t decide!

  40. Shae says:

    Alain is my #1 pick! His sense of style is impeccable. His looks stood out.

  41. Dom says:

    Yep, still gonna have to go with Larry! I like that his style is refined yet still masculine and approachable. Nice range of styles too. Go Larry!

  42. Madpet says:

    Davidson from New York!!!

  43. Marthe says:

    Dualleh has REAL style, he really is complete with everything in his looks. I just can’t even concentrate on the other bombers when I see his pics. And maybe the young Haile Selassie (@Liz) look does it even more for me !

  44. Westafricanmutt says:

    Tony and Davidson are FINE whooooot lawd, call me. But Daulleh is the Ras, all hail Ras Daulleh-Haile-Sellaise-got-some-hot-hot-swag and-style

  45. Fatima says:


  46. Niynah says:


  47. Sydney says:

    All of these men have impeccable, unique style! I love a man who pays attention to detail! I was most impressed by Dualleh, he was a breath of fresh air!

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