June 12th, 2012
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Amy from New York
By Claire

Today we have a New York Bombshell! Check out Manhattan resident Amy:

The FIT student writes, “My style is a mix of everything depending on how I wake up in the mornings.”

“… Some days it is business casual, sometimes preppy, but most of the time bohemian-chic because I do love to be comfortable.”

“.. Some of this may have be attributed to the fact that I moved to New York City from Los Angeles so I am kind of a mixture/hybrid of styles.”

” I love the chill vibe from Cali but then I also love the hustle and bustle of professional New York. I blog at www.vivierebella.com where you can get to know my sense of style and vibe but I really just love everything flowy with gold accents and accessories.”

” I prefer shorts over skirts for comfortability and I really appreciate good fabrics.”

“… I love to express myself through the clothes I wear and although I love designer brands that is not necessarily the best way to dress because money cannot buy one style…unless it’s a stylist.:)”

” I aspire to inspire.”

Pretty! Please spill the tea on that pink and purple splashed mini dress! So cute.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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79 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Amy from New York”

  1. Emily says:

    She looks like a fresh and sexy version of Duchess Kate Middleton. Cute style (nothing special though), great legs and body.

  2. Marie says:

    I love her sense of style! It’s clean, crisp, simple and feminine, yet speaks volumes. Less really is more.

  3. Raven says:

    Okay but not really inspired. Wish I could see the pants outfit better.

  4. shan says:

    I happen to love her style…maybe its not ground breaking but it works for her an looks effortless.

    True Queen

  5. Amy Marietta says:

    The dress is White Suede, an Australian designer:)! xoxo

  6. Nikki says:

    The clothes are lovely, she’s lovely, but somehow, I expected to be more inspired by a student at FIT. I used to work in that area and they serve style on a platter.

  7. hey yall says:

    she’s ok..I like the orange skirt with blk and white shirt..

  8. LA says:

    It is effortless but nothing inspiring here.

  9. Rese C says:

    Work, and it is always nice to see a little diversity on the site.

  10. Taneica says:

    I’m so curious to know what an “inspiring” bombshell wears. What exactly does “groundbreaking” look like? Pasties and glitter drawls with a plastic blazer perhaps? Lmao! The girl looks good. She has fantastic taste and knows how to dress her body. #Bombshell

  11. Jen says:

    Very plain. Not for me

  12. KKS says:

    Can we please stop with “its nice to diversity on this site”. I bet you don’t go Vogue, Elle, and other fashion sites and scream diversity. She’s white nothing special about that.

  13. jet says:

    I second Janecia. Get off the gas, and inspire your damn self.

  14. namelessnaija says:

    Nice photography and scenery. Cute style, but nothing really memorable.

    And I have to agree with KKS. There are only a few fashion sites that really cater to us. Plus Claire always posts ladies of colors from other countries- so thats diversity

  15. Shayla says:

    If she’s white and she’s a reader, then why shouldn’t she be a Bombshell? This site has white readers.

  16. annake says:

    Very nice pieces..the majority of you guys are hilarious. Inspire your damn self.

  17. LawyerChic says:

    Dresses and more dresses, but I’m interested in seeing more. Going to check out her blog.

  18. Camilla says:

    I loved her write-up and description of her style….it made me really interested and excited to see her pictures and see how her description transitioned into the actual looks on her – however her style did not deliver…..her write-up was much better than her looks. Pretty girl but lets be honest there is no wow factor here…I see the same looks everyday in NYC.

  19. taffie says:

    Lots of cute dresses, thats about it…

  20. ElleBelle says:

    I liked it but I wasn’t inspired. Everything was too basic, too off the hanger and then on my body. Maybe I’m not saying it right, but even simple items need to look styled yet effortless. Kudos for knowing how dress her body (shape/frame) and playing with colors and lengths.

  21. shavondra says:

    her style is cute

  22. Camilla says:

    I think it’s very ignorant for anyone to make comments on her ethnicity…. it’s actually kind of embarrassing and for those who made the comments or plan to make comments addressing her being “white” that is something that should be e-mailed to Claire. To address that in here is very tacky and ignorant. I understand this is an “urban” blog but we’ve had asian, hispanic and bi-racial bombshells/bombers before and at the end of the day this is a FASHION blog and all those who read this blog and appreciate fashion and “all things urban” should be able to read and participate in the blog.

  23. Shanise says:

    I like her style, its very simple and cute!

  24. mi manning says:

    thought this was fo people of color….silly me!

  25. Cute says:

    She’s cute, as are all of her dresses- I tend to wear dresses and sandals all summer long so don’t mean it as an insult when I say that I don’t come to fashion blogs or read fashion magazines to see floral print dresses and nude sandals. I would consider her a cute girl with cute style but not a bombshell.

  26. Soul Touch says:

    Very fresh and feminine look. I really like the vibrant colour in the first pic.

  27. E says:

    I like all of her pieces and I would wear most, just probably not like she did. She has a very neat and clean submission but her blog has funkier posts which I like more. She’s got her own style and it’s not bad at all in my op.

  28. Nice style over all, but she’s missing that ump I’m looking for.

  29. whatevs says:

    nothing special…and are shoes too big in that one picture or are her feet just really big?…

  30. Nellyv85 says:

    She is beautiful, and I love her style. Inspire yourself!

  31. Diva says:

    you are kidding right ?

  32. NYC Chick says:


  33. Amani says:

    I can appreciate simplistic but these looks are still a bit understated for me

  34. Cookie says:

    Love your style! It fits you perfectly! It is obvious that the vast majority of commenters are more interested in copying someone else’s style than being inspired by it! Quick to rave about a faux fur vest and some Lita’s but if you have a more feminine, classic, or simple style you will be labeled as boring/basic! Give me a break and a half!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Honestly a lot of you black women are very simple. That said, I love her style.

  36. Amy Marietta says:

    Don’t hate on the white girl! lol. :P

  37. KKS says:

    @Amy don’t get cute okay lol…NOT

  38. BlkRose says:

    Pretty girl with boring style. She isn’t a bad dresser, but NOTHING STOOD OUT. I did like the rings, but that’s about it.

  39. d. broussard says:

    Ugh, too many of the readers of this site are ignorant and very close-minded. I agree with you 100% Camilla, and obviously they’ve forgotten th tagline is “all urban fashion, all the time,” not “all black fashion, all the time.”

    She’s definitely a bombshell in my book. I love the authenticity of and the organic feel of her style.

    Or maybe I am biased as a Cali transplant living on the East Coast studying fashion. ;) Too bad!

  40. Diondra G says:

    There’s nothing urban about this -_- and I get what ol girl was talking about as far as people of color comment. What’s a website that just dispays black people with great sense of style?

  41. lola says:

    LOOOVE IT. Everyone looks a damn mess these days because they are trying to be edgy or high fashion or look like lady fucking gaga. SMH. Love love love Amy’s style. It is simple, chic and simply beautiful. She knows how to dress her body and she looks hella comfortable. This is the true example of personal style. Keep ‘em coming Claire.

  42. Diondra G says:

    I don’t think anybody made a racist or ignorant comment because the girl is white. It’s obvious she’s very pretty and dresses nice, urban sites like Karmaloop, Dr J Premuim has all types of models so that shouldn’t be a issue. However for some this site did seem “all black” and some take pride in that and perfer that. So cry me a river with that “racist ignorant crap” lol

  43. Tabatha says:

    This was a bit disappointing as far as my bombshell expectations are concerned. But she’s far from being a fashion tragedy unlike some of the the fashion bombshells from hell that we’ve been introduced to. She’s likable and I look forward to visiting her site.

  44. Brittany says:

    Did a comment get deleted or something? No one made the diversity comment until KKS said can we stop stating it.

  45. lilimarlene says:

    i’m wyte (lulz) and look, she is a darling girl. But, Claire, the girl is from L.A.! C’mon work some NY stuff here. Love all the comments, agree/disagree. That’s why I love The Fashion Bomb. Ain’t nobody shy. Thank God.

  46. Coco says:

    Nope. Not here for this AT ALL

  47. stone says:

    @KKS who the hell said anything about diversity until you brought it up? And why would that comment even bother you? 99% of the women featured are black, so yes changing it up from time to time is refreshing to see. Nobody said she was special because of her race. For all we know she could be Latina or Arab or something. That still ain’t got nothing to do with what she’s wearing. And yes plenty of Black women go on Vogue and Elle to oooh and ahhh every time there’s a Black woman featured.

  48. lily says:

    some of the black women are racist. its not okay to call on someones race.This is about fashion and her fashion is amazing. i am inspired and will be checking her site. get your hatred out of here. so many ugly people with low self esteem here and and want to hate on someone because of her color. shame on you.

  49. black girl says:

    kks you ignorant fool, go get educated and get your backward mind some exposure. so disgusted and ashamed of people like you , who thinks that being black gives them a right to be racist towards other people. This girl represents a fresh cleam modern look that you will find in magazines and on models.Amy you are beautiful and i love your fashion. definately will be checking your blog.

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