“It’s my rap that rocks this party/I’m a hijack and jack your body/This is not an erotic interlude/Keep in mind I move multitudes/The Asiatic black woman, hardcore beat drumming/Its hard to keep a good woman down, so I keep coming.”–Queen Latifah, “Come into my House.”

Hey Boos!
For this week’s Style File, I decided to take a look at R&B singing, Hairspray acting, rapping Covergirl…


Queen Latifah!
While she may slip a little with her hair game…

And her casual style can be a bit…rough…

But, when she shows out, she brings it in gorgeous, flattering outfits that suit her voluptuous frame.
Let’s take a look:
On the carpet, the Queen seems to favor long dresses in solid colors…

…with V-necks that draw the eye downward, and thick straps that conceal supportive, uplifting undergarments.
On more casual occasions, she rocks streamlined dark boot cut jeans…

…accented with loose v-neck tops in floral and exotic prints. Notice her jeans are *not* skinny…the bootcut style balances out her lower half assuring there’s a straight line from her hips to her shoe tips.
While she mixes up on occasion, the Queen seems to favor tons…

…and tons…

and tons…

…of slimming, svelte black outfits whether it’s an Oscar ready gown or a more casual top with capris.

If you want to adorn yourself like a true Queen, you can try the following:

Top Row: Maggie London Tie Front Silk Dress, $168, www.nordstrom.com; MICHAEL Michael Kors Woman Snakeskin-Print Keyhole Top, $109.50, www.macys.com.
Bottom Row: Queen Puff Sleeve Lace Dress, $58, www.sizeappeal.com; River Wash Signature Jean, $64, BabyPhat.com
All hail!
PS If you’re as old as me, then you’ll enjoy this oldie but goodie…

Who you calling a…!?!
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PSSS I’m leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for the Bahamas (yippee!! woo hoo!!!). Of course I’ll try my very best to update in my absence…but don’t be surprised if I post a picture of a white sand beach on Friday in lieu of Mail Bombs. I’m just sayin’….

7 thoughts on “Style File: Queen Latifah”

  1. thank you for this post. I’m styling a girl right now who isn’t plus size but she does have some curves and I knew ways to complement, but now I can show her pics of some of the flattering ideas I have. That reminds me of checking up on Jennifer Hudson as well.

  2. Very nice post, the Queen looks AMAZING in her clothes. She is so pretty and real.

  3. i just want to add that i’m a plus sized diva and i get tired of fashion mags/blogs always putting us in dark colors. I understand that everyone wants to hide their LOVELY body, but hell, PLEASE DONT BE AFRAID OF COLOR!!

    Bright colored dresses can be flyy on plus sized women just like they are on smaller women, but you just have to find one thats flattering and not doing too much
    i just wanted to add that cuz i’m tired of see big folks only wearing dark colors and feeling the need to hide everything cuz they been brainwashed to

    word is bond!

  4. Claire, thank you for this. Dana does very well on the red carpet, and I think it’s because she generally uses Carmen Marc Valvo for those appearances.
    CMV is a staple of Saks’ Salon Z department. I have a short black/white lace evening dress and a vanilla satin evening skirt and they look lovely.

  5. Queen is killing in that blue floral shirt and them jeans… I think that’s my favorite look

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