What we love about Moissanite is its dazzling brilliance and remarkable sparkle. That’s what drew people to diamonds first of all. When Moissanite came on the scene, many jewelry fans moved quickly to Moissanite. There are lots of reasons for this. One is the fact that Moissanite is a gorgeous stone in its own right. It’s not a substitute—it’s not an imitation. Moissanite is a beautiful stand-alone gem with a remarkable story behind it. It’s also more dispersive than diamonds while being equally as hard as natural diamonds. Dispersion is another term for ‘fire’ in the stone. It shows up in how the stone breaks up light into all the colors of the rainbow. So, your Moissanite ring displays exciting flashes of colors found in the rainbow. making it a mesmerizing choice for engagement rings and bridal jewelry. 

Fall in Love with Moissanite

The first time you put your Moissanite ring on—you fell in love with the one you gave it to you all over again. You also fell in love with this dazzling stone which is everything you ever dreamed of. 

There’s another benefit to Moissanite that we haven’t mentioned yet. Its price. For all it’s spectacular allure, Moissanite is far less expensive than its counterpart in the natural diamond world. Far. Less. Expensive. Turns out you can have your cake and eat it too! You’ve done very well selecting a Moissanite for your most meaningful ring.

When you first put the ring on, it was pristine and perfect in every way. But you will be wearing it every day for the rest of your life. You won’t ever want to take it off. We get that! We wouldn’t either.

Establish a Simple Cleaning Routine

So, now’s the time to establish a reliable cleaning method so you can keep your ring dazzlingly bright and sparkly forever. After all, a Moissanite ring needs regular care like your other fine jewelry to keep it in top shape. A spotlessly clean Moissanite ring will reflect light better than a dingy one. A clean stone allows all its fire to be on full display. Did you know that your super clean Moissanite looks even larger than the same ring that has gone dull by grime and normal everyday activities like using soaps and cosmetics?

An advantage of Moissanite over diamonds is that it does not have the same affinity for attracting grease and oil. That being said, it is still advisable to clean your jewelry once a month to keep them sparkling as brilliantly as possible.

Getting accustomed to a simple cleaning routine will have a major impact on how your Moissanite jewelry will continue looking showroom new for years to come.

A Simple Detergent Soak

This is easy enough. Simply fill a small bowl with warm sudsy water. Actually, any mild liquid dish detergent will do the trick. Make sure it does not contain normal soap products. That would create another kind of film coating the surface of your Moissanite. 

A bit of caution here. We do not recommend that you use any abrasive cleaner on your Moissanite or your other fine jewelry. These types of products can do more harm than good. With a mild warm solution using a soft baby toothbrush, gently brush along all edges of the item, being sure to get in the hard-to-reach areas of the setting—and on the underside of the Moissanite stones. Rinse well in clear tepid water. Dry on a clean lint free towel. You may use a handheld hair dryer on the warm setting to finish drying your piece.

A Cold-Water Method with Great Results

There’s another way to clean your Moissanite ring that will produce beautiful results. And you don’t need warm water in the first part. But you’ll need a few household products to help you along. This homemade DIY cleaning method included one cup of a solution of water and household ammonia or even a soap-free degreasing product like Mr. Clean. The proportions should be 3/4 parts water to 1/4 part of your preferred cleaning solution. Allow your Moissanite ring to soak for at least 10 minutes. Then using a baby toothbrush gently work around all hard-to-reach sides of your Moissanite ring. Take your time and try to reach into the mounting where grime can easily build up. Then give it a good rinse. Using warm to hot water, dry it the same way as you would in the detergent soak method. Enlist the help of your blow dryer if you’re in a hurry to get your ring back on. And why wouldn’t you? You’ll want this lovely ring on all the time!

Jewelry Cleaning Machines for Home Use

There are many well-made jewelry cleaning machines on the market today that can give your fine jewelry a deep clean almost as if you went to your jeweler for a professional cleaning. Look around to find which one suits you best. They should be formulated with completely non-toxic liquid jewelry cleaners so that they will be suitable for your Moissanite ring and your other fine jewelry. These cleaners are formulated specifically for effectively cleaning off all residue and buildup that accumulates on your Moissanite ring surfaces.

What about the Ultrasonic Cleaner?

When you want the Rolls Royce of jewelry cleaning devices, the Ultrasonic cleaner is the way to go. Including all the methods mentioned here, it turns out to be the most effective option for preserving the brilliance of your Moissanite ring. After all, it is the same method that retail (and wholesale!) jewelers use to get the jewelry in perfect condition prior to shipping out to a customer. The device uses high-frequency turbulence in a basin and does a superb job of cleaning your fine jewelry including your Moissanite ring.

More to Learn

Some of these handy tips seem intuitive, but it’s always a good idea to read them so you can keep these recommendations top-of-mind.

Avoid wearing any of your fine jewelry while engaging in sports. This includes doing your gym-workouts too. Remove your fine jewelry and place it in a safe location when you do any kind of rough physical work. We say this even though Moissanite is extremely durable. Under certain circumstances, it can be chipped by an unfortunate hard blow.

On those occasions when you’re not wearing your Moissanite ring, place it in your jewelry box separately from other pieces. This is a safeguard against the possible contact with other jewelry that could result in one scratching another. It’s as simple as that—and these tips are really common sense. We want you to enjoy your jewelry for a lifetime and have it stay just as dazzling as the day you got it.