Singer Mario covers the latest edition of Fashion Bomb Daily Magazine.

Styled by Michael Mann, the Baltimore native wears looks by Karl Kani, Jacob Holston, Iijin, ASOS, and more.

The voice behind some of the hottest R&B ballads of our generation (Let me Love You, Music for Love, and more) is set to release a new album this summer, and has already enticed our earbuds with his single Let Me Help You.

He said, “I think my inspiration varies. Growing up, I listened to Gospel, R&B, my mom played the piano, my uncle played jazz. [In my album, you’ll find] some classical influences, some retro futuristic R&B, and classic ballads.”

Mario’s personal trials and tribulations have made as many headlines as his musical repertoire, so we had to ask him how he stays positive and motivated. He says, “My dreams and my ambition and the things I want to accomplish in life keep me motivated. I see a lot of people who have a lot of opportunities or wealth or success and they’re miserable. It shows me that it’s our choice to be happy no matter what. I have a very blessed life. I have a lot of great opportunities and a lot of great people that I work with creatively. I feel like I have to be the driving force in my personal universe to keep everybody motivated and keep them going.”

Mario is extremely accomplished–but what is his definition of success? He offers, “I think of happiness when I think of success. I think of being happy and being able to add something to the culture. Success is when it trickles down to other people’s lives, and you can create opportunities for other people and see them flourish in their will and intention. So to me that’s what success is for sure.”

Keep it locked here for details on Mario’s album release.
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Interview by Claire Sulmers.

Fashion, Styling, and Creative Direction by Michael Mann (@akixmann @michael.mann @tylerjacobmusic). Photography by Tyren Redd. Grooming DRod Beauty. Special Thanks to Concrete Studios LA.


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