April 9th, 2014
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nike from LA
By Claire

Today’s Bombshell is Nike from LA:
nike from la
We’re going to be treated to a pictorial for this submission, as she didn’t include a style description.

2 Nike from LA

Nike from LA

3 Nike from LA

4 Nike from LA

5 Nike from LA

6 Nike from LA

7 Nike from LA

8 Nike from LA

99 Nike from LA

Well, your style speaks for itself! You’re a Bombshell! And thank you for the fabulous, filter free photos.
See more on Instagram @MZnikeface.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, unfiltered, head-to-toe pictures of 6-8 different outfits (no collages) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted will be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of our social media platforms. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game! Please be advised: once published, pictures will not be removed or taken down.

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30 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Nike from LA”

  1. tahlyuh says:

    I think I prefer a word-less submission. Let the looks speak for themselves…which ultimately speaks for your style.

    I like her. Would’ve loved to see some more.

  2. AnonyFash says:

    A lot of her looks are really nice! Loving the red dress!

  3. Mrs.L says:


  4. Taas says:

    The 3rd outfit is everything…. Bombshell

  5. Peaches says:

    She doing her thing!!!!!!! Nice looks

  6. Anonymous says:

    We must be looking at 2 different people because between those plastic cheap shoes and those wigs….I just can’t!

  7. ACE says:

    im not thrilled.

    and the jumpsuit looks like it belongs in the instagram fashion hall of fame

  8. FLEE says:

    someone lives in American Apparel…

    I only like the all white Celine me alone get up, and the all white AA dress in the last pic.

  9. remka says:

    She looks a hot mess. The first outfit with that hat on is terrible. Who are the people judging these pics? You guys don’t know fashion at all. Her looks with the exception of two is not impressive.

  10. CanV says:

    Comeon ladies, the clothes are fab. The hair and the shoes…. not so much.

  11. Kam Kam says:

    Some of the outfits are cute. However, the hair or whatever you call that, kills her chances of bombshell status. Along w the shoes.

  12. Browngirl411 says:

    All some bitter old heifers on this thread. LOL I liked looks 2,3,4 and the last look best. Love the curly hair on her.

  13. Jackie says:

    I actually like this feature for bombshell of the day without words. Some women simply do not know how to write or they regurgitate what past bombshells have said. I vote for no more text on these posts! lol

    As for this particular bombshell… I love the fact that she seems to be styling on a budget. I am honestly not trying to shade her by any means but I’m a fashion designer and can tell by the way some of fabric is falling, the use of spandex, lack of lining and fit that synthetic fabrics are constant throughout most of these looks BUT they all still look amazing nonetheless! And I believe that is thanks to her styling!

  14. The Homey says:

    Stunning girl, beautiful pics (backgrounds, clarity) but the outfits are just ok.

    The sheer dress is interesting but the rest…Eh.

  15. Jihan says:

    wait… that last dres is American Apparel…? *checks out AA website immediately*

  16. SMV says:

    She is a bombshell. Some of the cloths are not to my personal taste-leggings but thats what kids are wearing these days. i loved 2,3 and 7. And she could do a better job with the shoes, otherwise..

  17. Bree says:

    Oh Jesus! the white shoes and those clunky gaga wannabe shoes is gettin to me. So sick of those shoes I don’t know what to do. Will say I love that last white dress the red and the Baroque/Damask print dress. Them shoes.

  18. mimi says:

    You cheap poor old hags kill me. The last time claire asked u guys to state you budget for clothes and shoes and stuffs like that, most of you didn’t go above 50 dollars and most of you said they won’t spend more than 200 dollars monthly on fashion realated items. So for you poor cheap hags to come out here daily and say someone looks cheap is unbelivable to me. Because I know most of you wear payless shoes and shop at forever21. So you hags should take several seats. By the way bombshell all the way

  19. Katie says:

    I feel like I have seen all these outfits before. Where’s the originality? They are all looks (save the jumpsuit maybe) I’ve seen on celebrities in the last year. ALL OF THEM?

  20. Katie says:


    Btw, I don’t know about the last post on fashion budgets, but I spend more than $50 on fashion related pieces and I don’t shop at American Appeal, Forever21, or H&M.

  21. Danielle says:

    lover her style ! i love the first look !!!!

  22. wapagirl says:

    @Katie:Im sure you’ve tried to mimic something a celebrity would wear before so chill.

    Mimi: Shut up! People can shop wherever they want.Its all in the way you put things together. Yes, some items from those stores are noticebly cheap, but I find nothing wrong with picking up a tank top or two from American Apparel. I personally shop and mid range and higher end stores because I have the money to do so, so $50-$200 budget is laughable. I bet you dont even know how to dress. Its always your kind. lol.

  23. Bre Bre says:

    Anybody know where I can purchase the Celine Me Alone shirt.

    She’s a beautiful girl, that skin… GORGEOUS! And I like her style, it’s great now and I’m sure it will evolve even more…

  24. Tee says:

    Why are people always arguing on here now? Pretty funny to me but i like her and the fact she didnt give a description we need more wordless post lol

  25. Katie says:


    You chill. Clearly we have different opinions on what constitutes as a fashionbomb. To me, copying celebrities to a T does not make you a fashion bomb because there is no originality or personality. End of.

  26. Jay Are says:

    I feel like I’ve seen many of these looks done by many fashion bloggers and tumblr girls. Nothing I personally haven’t seen before, there could be such thing as being ‘too trendy!’

  27. mimi says:

    @wapagirl do u see why I keep saying you should go to school and read. Do you see why you school is good for you. If you could read you will notice I said I liked her dress. Child stay in school.

  28. Lola Reggy says:

    I like her too, she has something, that Je ne sais quoi!!

  29. Salema Brown says:

    Omgeee who chooses the females?….I can count on one hand how many of these women r bombshells….ugh the rest r a joke….there’s so many beautiful women out there that dresses amazing…like where r they?

  30. lovepink4 says:

    Where in Paris ugh!!!…monstrous

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