April 8th, 2014
Claire's Life, Fashion Bomb TV
Fashion Bomb TV: Talking Style with Tameka “Tiny” Harris at Patricia Field’s Boutique
By Claire

Happy Tuesday!
So as I mentioned in a video I did with Renae Bluitt of In Her Shoes Blog, I’m really looking to ramp up production on Fashion Bomb TV! I’ve stumbled in the past, become a bit discouraged, but figure I can only get better with practice!
When Tameka “Tiny” Harris’s team got in touch to see if I wanted to chop it up with the Sweet Georgia Peach, I was totally game, so took my video team down to Patricia Field’s Boutique to ask her a few style questions.
A Deer Dana Kanye T-Shirt, Rag & Bone Tuxedo Blazer, and By Johnny Black and White Slit Skirt tiny tameka harris claire sulmers
Five Words to Describe Her Style? She said, “Sexy, Fun, Fly, Edgy, and Expensive.”
claire sulmers tiny tameka harris A Deer Dana Kanye T-Shirt, Rag & Bone Tuxedo Blazer, and By Johnny Black and White Slit Skirt
Best Gifts She’s Ever Received from T.I.? “A Rolls Royce and a diamond ring.”


See it all here:

What do you think?
*I shot a Style Diary beforehand:
New York Style Diary Kanye West Deer Dana t-shirt by johnny skirt stuart weitzman nudist rag bone tuxedo blazer

See all the pix on TheBombLife.com.
Video by Samuel Centore. Images by Karl Pierre.

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28 Responses to “Fashion Bomb TV: Talking Style with Tameka “Tiny” Harris at Patricia Field’s Boutique”

  1. BreBre says:

    Claire, your outfit is very nice and you look great.

    Sn: Don’t kill me… but I’m not here for fashion advice from Tiny. In fact, until she takes that eye brow ring out, I’m not here for any advice from her!

  2. k says:

    lol @ BreBre. I’m with you girl.

  3. AnonyFash says:

    @BreBre and @K

    You both sound very shallow and quite ignorant! So bcus she has an eye-brow ring her advice is deemed null and void!?!? How about the advice she could give up and comers about being in the industry and being smart with their money? 2 things she seems to have been great at. How about her parenting? Her kids seem very well mannered and respectable. Oh but i’m sorry I guess her advice would be more valid if she were rocking a played denim Givenchy skirt with a bubble coat with nothing underneath or if she posted simple a** top shop outfits to Tumblr everyday right? Chile please!

  4. k says:

    @Anon girl BYE! How are you gonna be in your feelings because we don’t like Tiny’s fashion sense. You done went all around the corner with it. We are talking about fashion advice and no I wouldn’t take any from her like I said. I can count on one hand how many looks I’ve liked from her. She can’t dress, bottom damn line!

  5. AnonyFash says:

    Aside from my post up top, this was a great interview Claire and I like Tamekas trench and Valentino pumps! I also like the fact that she goes by Tameka when being professional. Kudos Tiny and your kids are adorable and you and your hubby seem very nice together! Blessing Sista!

  6. AnonyFash says:


    You see like a child or just a simple female given your response! I’m done with you little girl! LOL

  7. Noirre says:

    I’m with you too BreBre

  8. Dom Dom says:

    @AnonyFash needs some D tbh. No one was talking about anything else BUT her fashion sense, which is awful. You’d be a fool to take FASHION advice from her. Girl, you did way too much, I can’t.

  9. Claire, you keep interviewing everyone that I want to makeover. I want to revamp her entire persona. Giuseppe’s also one of my favorites shoe designers. I also want to makeover Draya.

  10. Char says:

    Glad to see you continuing to try to grow FBTV! Have you ever considered hiring a correspondent just for your video segments? Just something to consider.

    That was a shame about Tiny’s salon burning down, she’s right though, for her store to be the only one affected in a strip mall does seem suspect!

  11. Tabatha says:

    Great interview, Claire! To know Tiny is to love Tiny. Her best fashion accessory is her beautiful personality. I like her style, and it looks like her aesthetic is undergoing a slight evolution, which I’m enjoying as well. I’m here for Tiny!

  12. marguerite says:

    her people called you…..interesting. but i like a lot of Tiny’s outfit choices. nice dresses and shoes. today not so much w/ that pink coat, but other than that, the interview was cool.

  13. yalo says:

    hey claire never give up u will always get better with practise. having said that i also a newbie to tv hosting the best advise my producer gave me never go into an interview with questions written down go with the flow. so a note book is a no no. You looked nervous and keep working on your energy. Otherwise as far as looks go you are tv ready. You looked fab

  14. above-par says:

    The SHADE! Chile, her people would have HAD to have called you and should have PAID you Claire cause ain’t nobody else checkin for Tiny’s wardrobe.

  15. Grae says:

    Tiny is a tacky mess and it speaks volumes that HER team had to contact YOU. Congrats on your growing notoriety Claire. As for Tiny, I’m sure that she’s a very nice lady…

  16. AnonyFash says:

    @Dom Don

    Your name should be Dumb Dumb! What grown person tells another woman they “need some D”!? Girl grow up! Claire u have a lot of children on ur blog. Smh

  17. Keko says:

    Claire…what is that I see? Your face even in these pics..mmmmmlolo…I do luje

  18. Keko says:

    Uhh. Technical difficulties….like Tiny tho…but I can’t watch this one. You did look nice

  19. Danielle says:

    Great interview Claire! I love me some Tiny, she just seems like a pretty cool laidback type of person. I see why she is nicknamed Tiny aww she is so little, and her feet are small too lol But I thought the both of you ladies looked every nice in this interview!

  20. Danielle says:


  21. makeeasweet says:

    Yea i wouldn’t take fashion advice from Tiny either,its rare when she actually looks good.But bashing her eyebrow pierce was unnecessary.I hate when people put down other for having piercing or tattoos.

  22. Bre Bre says:

    @AnonyFash chile cheese… I hate a Debbie Downer or a Serious Sally. Claire is a FASHION JOURNALIST, so that’s why I said I don’t want any fashion advice from this particular interviewee. Now, if she was interviewing Tiny about producing shows and establishing yourself in the industry, I would be here for it. But, she wasn’t. So byeeeeeeeee.

    @K she mad or what? 0_o

  23. Claire says:

    Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
    @Yalo thank you for your encouragement. TV is not ‘natural’ for me, but I’m working on it. With practice, I will get better. Will remember to leave my Ipad by the wayside for the next, relax, and turn up!

  24. Katie says:

    I can’t wait for this piercing and tattoo trend to die. I’m not a big fan of mutilation. It makes people look dirty and uncouth. And I honestly think people that mutilate themselves either have poor self esteem or have loose morals. And I almost never take them seriously. Just my personal opinion.

  25. AnonyFash says:

    @Bre Bre

    Chile cheese back at you little girl! Go that way and take your seat ma’am. Anyway…as I said! All of Tiny and all of her fashion sense may not be my bag but Clair this was a good interview. Keep up the good work!

  26. Tmorgan says:

    Katie…WTF. You are seriously judging people morality according to how many tattoos or piercing they have. So basically because I have 7 tattoos, Im going to HELL? LOL…..Religion:101, dont JUDGE!!!!!Girl, Im going to pray for you.

  27. OhSoSandy says:

    I’m pretty sure the interview wasn’t for her to give advice (which there was none given) and more so to talk about her personal style. And PR/Publicist people reach out to publications/sites all the time, especially considering her show is just debuting a new season. I mean take it for shade if you want, but its rather common actually.

  28. Jo says:

    I respect Tiny far as being a successful black women in the business world. I love that she’s not stereotypical and has stayed true to herself despite money and success……aside from this I am with everyone as to why she is featured on this site considering she didn’t even know who she was wearing….not that that’s “so important’ in life (bc I know someone’s gonna cry about that) but when you are being featured on a huge fashion site/blog it is important and kind of nessecery. Fashion is a business despite the people who feel its superficial bc its not of interest to them…people actually live for this shit and make a living doing it. So with that being said Tiny has no relevance to the fashion industry and that’s ok…..she looks crazy in this interview and frankly shoukd stick to what she does…….this was uncomfortable to watch and we would much rather see more respected individuals in the fashion world…sorry

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