August 23rd, 2011
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tiffany from Chicago
By Claire

Today we have the fabulous Tiffany from Chicago:

She says, “I would describe my style as playful, bright, and fun.”

” I love playing with color and mixing prints.”

“… I like to Incorporate new, vintage, and thrifted pieces…”

“…to see what I come up with. “

Cute! Tiffany blogs as well. Check her out at

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your picture(s) to

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64 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Tiffany from Chicago”

  1. jasmine says:

    LOVE! those doc martens are hot. great style.

  2. loving her style!


  3. Bluemoon says:

    Cute shoes. I am not a fan of the shorts.

  4. Missb1203 says:

    I love her blog. She definitely has a point of view. Which is so important in fashion. You can look at her pieces and see how they go with one another. How they fit her style. She was one of the first Plus size fashion bloggers I discovered.

  5. sun.kissed says:

    I like her style–minus the shorts, but the nose ring is scaring me.

  6. Sparkle Cupcake w/Sprinkles says:

    Claire, I beg of you to institute the rule that submissions with denim cutoff shorts are automatically ~DENIED~

    I repeat that denim cutoff shorts are the exact opposite of tired, so overdone and never ever flattering!

  7. Adrienne says:

    Love her last oufit! Kudos to Tiffany for her unique style!!

  8. I like those pink Docs!

  9. Brittany says:

    Tiffany! I think she’s awesome. I’ve been following her blog for a while. I don’t always necessarily like everything that she wears (–as I feel with almost every fashion blogger), but I think she is inspiring and a breath of fresh air. I’m so glad to see her featured here. Go girl!

  10. caciee says:

    she’s a sweet girl!, but she wears some of the most ill fitting clothes. The outfits feature of some of her better fitted clothing and I see why they were picked!

  11. Savage says:

    The DOCS are sickening, but that mixed print jacket? Very early 90′s and not in a good way.

  12. JuJu says:

    she is very dwayne wayne circa 1989 which makes me smile

  13. LivvyV says:

    I’m not a fan of all her looks but clearly they girl has fun with fashion and her style is pretty cool. I’m in Love can I say again LOVE with that top hat and small John Lenny glasses outfit. I will definitely be doing something similar soon.

  14. TicaPica says:

    i’m digging her style on everything except the eyeware – i’d love to know her secret to matching which lipstick to which outfit!

  15. Crystal says:

    maaaaan, those doc matens take me back! i love the tights/short combo. i’m going to rock it one day…one day!

  16. Chimee says:

    i loveee her style !

  17. Coldplayer says:

    Just no. I love some of her pieces though. That colorful shirt/cardigan is giving me all sorts of life

  18. Alexis says:

    Gimme those pink docs!

  19. Lisa says:

    Y/day everyone went IN on the pretty girl with cute clothes and the amazing shape. I c most people commenting love the over the top, non-flattering, makes me cringe getups. This is not style. Its trendy (but 90′s trendy) plus size forever 21 which is never good. I am truly SHOCKED…smmfh

  20. tommykimon says:

    Cute girl they only outfit I like is the yellow shirt and leggings with the pink Doc Martins.

  21. SimplyMe says:

    I actually like everything BUT those damn Doc Martins!!!!! I can’t, I won’t, I WILL NEVER like those awful shoes. But I can definitely sense she is a fashion forward young lady. Bigs up!

  22. SimplyMe says:

    *Doc Marten

    Just went to the blog, she had the damn boots in leopard too *stabs myself in eyes*

  23. chi_girl says:

    Naw but forreal, for all you ppl that voted Hot you love her style…what’s so Hot about this shit?? Out of all the fashionable chicks in picked somebody who uses curtain drapes to make a jacket, stockings, and Doc Martens…Really?? If this is fashionable I’ll eat my shirt…

  24. LawyerChic says:

    The first pic reminds me of Boy George circa the Culture Club era. Love the Docs; they never go out of style.


  26. BeBe Jones says:

    I’m on the fence about all of her looks … I’m not sure what to say so I’ll keep it movin to visit her blog!

  27. Englishvers says:

    I’m certain that Tiffany has a warm and playful spirit, however, her fashion sense does not appeal to me, but that is the reason why she’s here today, fashion is not about pleasing the crowd, but most importantly about pleasing oneself;-)

  28. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    I have those hot pink Doc Martens! Girl, I wanna break em back on now…very Beth Ditto “yeah I’m big to match my personality” style.

  29. artsylee says:

    I agree with Brittany. While I applaud her adventurous style, the fit is the problem. Her clothes need to be a bit more tailored to her physique.

  30. artsylee says:

    @Sticky-n-Sweet that’s who she reminds me of! I could put my finger on it but yep, she is Beth Ditto-resque.

  31. Ahsatar says:

    Im not a Doc Marten fan but I like the pink boots. I believe that she has her own style, most definitely. She has the swag and confidence to wear what she does :-)

  32. India says:

    She’s killing it!

  33. dyshaun says:

    I like the docs, the nose ring, and the unapologetic style!

    If rules are ever set in place on what clothing items stylers can submit, I will stop reading. Fa sho.

  34. missyqeenb says:

    I CANNOT get past her weight. As for her style ive seen way better on here and not digging anything

  35. Jaida says:

    Once again, I come on here and I see comments about a fashion bombshell’s weight when I’ve seen plenty of thin people look a mess. Weight does not define how fashionable one is. I personally wouldn’t rock the outfits she does, but that’s what I like about Tiffany. Her style fits HER. Everything doesn’t work for everybody or else we would all look and dress the same!

  36. Miss Tee says:

    I like her and she turned it! She has her own style its fun and she doesnt look like a fashionsheep being led to the slaughter.. I applaud her even more for being plus size and turning it!

  37. mari says:

    I admit, at first I couldn’t look past her weight. The fashion displayed in these pics is nothing special. But then I checked out her blog.. and I’m loving some of her outfits!

  38. Jaida says:

    Oh, I had to come back and say that I like certain pieces in some of her outfits and I really think the Doc Martens are her signature piece. It works for her. Just like cardigans are my signature piece. I wear them ALL the time! LOL

  39. SxyDread says:

    sorry but no. her clothes are ill-fitting and really do her absolutely no justice at all. we’ve seen plenty of larger ladies in this section who were ROCKING their style. sadly, this young lady is not one of them.

  40. Brittany says:

    Well said Jaida.

  41. Kishonda says:

    Nah I’m not feeling it.

  42. HavilandClarke says:

    not mad at her at all….people kill me though..just because someones style is not your own style doesnt mean they arent rocking their look. Just sayin. I wouldnt rock most of these looks but what I love about this site is the confidence these ladies have..and the guts for having a submission. Be blessed all..

  43. Ariel says:

    i’ve never commented on a bombshell of the day before. i had to say props for featuring tiffany! i love her and her style!

  44. zimbabwechic says:

    She works it and that’s the point of style, you can wear Gucci and just not work it, period. As for her weight get over it, if she feels fine then that’s that.

  45. KisE says:

    She is definitely cute and the way she put her outfits together are hits and misses..but on her blog it’s a different story! Her style just takes you over, she is fierce and I love it. I admire her style and I am a size 25. Doesn’t matter your weight, her confidence made it work for her.

  46. vogue says:

    i love how people keep saying doesnt matter her weight. i see there are a lot of overweight people up in here. would i be surprised. 8 out of every black women is grossly obese. shhhhhhhhhh weight matters.

  47. essence says:

    i agree those cut off shorts just horrible. if you are overweight please do not do cut off. its gross. and please dont do the bull shit about its not weightbomb but fashion. so over it.

  48. Cmoni says:

    @essense you went in! Very adventurous and I commend her for that. I would wear some of her pieces, I <3 the docs and the printed blazers/jacket

  49. light says:

    i like the outfit with the yellow and thats all. people kill me though by saying her fashion is bomb. which part, she is doing the cut off shorts we have seen numerous times, tights oh my God so sick of them,. So in short every time there is an obese fashion bomb people became so patronizing and extremely political. Get over it . i agree when u are obese and overweight cuts off, tights are a no no, definately not flattering. You need fabric that has structure and breathes.

  50. Empress says:

    Glad to see a plus size lady who wears clothes that doesn’t show her rolls and cellulite!…Her style is different..I like..

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