July 1st, 2010
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Raishawn from DC
By Claire

Today’s Bombshell is Raishawn, a Virginia girl who currently lives in DC:

She says, “I am a fashion stylist.”

“…  My style is a unique blend of edgy and vintage.”

“…I stay true to what I like and don’t follow fads or trends.”

Loving your vintage Gucci in the first pic! Very cute.

What do you guys think?

Update: Raishawn read what you guys think and sent in the following additional pictures saying, “I am someone who is a fan of fashion and I know I have style…”

Comments and *constructive* criticism are welcome…

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and your Fashion Bombshell of the Day Picture(s) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com.

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108 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day : Raishawn from DC”

  1. bklyngrl82 says:

    omg no.

  2. bklyngrl82 says:

    omg no. sorry. no.

  3. Stop says:

    Wayyyy too much spandex.; Back to the drawing board!

  4. Mandy says:

    mehhh =\

  5. kingsmomma says:

    I love the accessories. Where did you get the Headband from?

  6. sun.kissed says:

    Stylist??? On what planet?

  7. Lolita says:

    Yall buggin!!..she is DOPE..love that Gucci and love her style. She need to style for me one day!

  8. Lauren says:

    I LOVE IT!

  9. KeeCudi. says:

    Is she serious?..I don’t believe her, is she a stylist for the kids department store? Claire Im disapointed you posted this…The spandex does not flatter her at all. Maybe she needs to start following trends to get somewhere and stop trying to make herself look better than a twelve year old!..Sorry but Im only being brutally honest!

  10. lovesfashion says:

    NO No NO, sorry :( this is your pick for fashionbomb??!!

  11. fabfashionista says:

    Love the vintage gucci bag and the shade of pink in the last pic


    For some odd reason when i saw the first pic on the home page i knewww i was going to be reading some interesting responses to todays fashion bombshell .. lol .. girl you have good eyes for accessories…and its your style not anyone else so do your thing.

  13. Bree says:

    While her look is interesting, I’m not sure I would pay to have her style me based on what is shown here. Please remember that most stylists look a mess, but their end products are fab!

  14. Asia says:

    She gets an E for effort! I wasn’t feeling any of the looks, but I did like the pink top near the bottom. Her clothes looked like them came from Rainbow.

  15. Yoko says:

    uummmmmm No comment!!!

  16. jilliboo says:

    Quite honestly, shes too fat to be dressing in leggings and short shorts. her legs insult me.

    also, she looks like she shops at Rainbow (or any other $5 store) and throws it together.

    and i doubt shes anybodies stylist.

    mirror check!

  17. Ayan "momslamak" Eroom says:

    ummm that aint it :-/

  18. bohobabe says:

    This really has to stop, bites nails…. I love your blog aside from the daily post of Rhianna contrived style, which I find boring. Your choices in fashion bombs are nothing but wannabes with expensive bags or shoes…who wear too too tight clothing. Not to make an example out of this poor sista from D.C but I do not comprehend what makes this fashionable. The few post on men were way better. Mall shopping do not equal fashion…buying a cute poorly made outfit from F21 or H&M does not qualify as fashion sense. Rule #1 for me is to dress for your body in spite of trends.

  19. Claire says:

    Hey guys,
    I do not, do not want to remove comments from these posts, so please try to be as respectful as possible when offering your constructive criticism. Despite popular belief, the point of this feature is not to showcase the hottest fashion plates in every city. As we say at the end of each post, “Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature that showcases the singular style and flair of Fashion Bomb Readers. ” So if you’re a reader, and you think you’ve got it going on, send your pictures on in. Barring inappropriate content, I’ll post them, and I guess whoever sends them in has to deal with the repercussions, good or bad. I appreciate the dialogue, but would encourage you guys to put yourself in someone else’s place, and be as positive as you can…

  20. Layla says:

    I just can’t….

  21. gottaloveaslimchick says:

    I just can’t…wouldn’t know where to begin..I’m getting punked, I’m I getting punked? Heehehehe

  22. Tawanda says:

    I’m all for readers with enough gusto to call themselves fashionable and send in pics for critique but this is…an EPIC FAIL.

  23. beautifuldaidreamer says:

    Claire, I really think you should review some of these comments before allowing them to post. I totally understand constructive criticism, but some comments are just outright mean. I mean, damn what happened to if you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything? I really love this blog and in particular this section, but it’s disheartening to read some of these particularly heartless comments. I’ll admit, this bombshell’s fashion does nothing for me, but I think her spirit more than makes up for that. To be able to submit your picture and brave the harsh criticism takes guts, so kudos to you for being comfortable in your own skin. And whether the clothes come from Rainbow or Neiman Marcus really has nothing to do with someone’s OWN personal sense of style.

  24. TheMisses says:

    Great response Claire. There is a way to give your opinion and not be downright nasty..geesh people

    as for her looks…not one of my fave fb’s. i like the pink top, gucci bag and her accessories. imo her clothes fit improperly even when wearing items that are supposed to be “fitted” they shouldn’t be too tight

  25. Sorry Claire, I go with the majority on this one, some of your choices for bombshell have been very questionable and this is def one! The pieces are too small and not flattering to her figure. But I like the bright colors in some of the looks….that being said…next!

  26. BTW posters I love Rainbow! Nothing wrong with shopping there, a true fashionista can find style almost anywhere including rainbow, shoot I can show you some Rainbow outfits that would blow your mind, but then again I keep in mind my size and body type/shape too…

  27. Alicia says:

    I agree and disagree with couple of the comments but i won’t get into that. I like the first picture, she’s okay but alot of the outfits don’t have proportion or a great fit. I agree with themisses not one of my fav. fashion bombshells but this was a good effort. :)

  28. AG says:

    I was just about to say what Claire said! The comment section is about to be cut OFF because of all these negative comments, geesh laweese! I guess whoever submits their pictures are purposely putting themselves out there, and because of that people wil have their opinions, good or bad, so that is to be expected. But not disrespectful. I do not see anything constructive, you know, helpful in some of these comments.
    I’d like to see some on your pictures! If you don’t like, dont comment. :)
    My 2 cents!

  29. LeslC says:

    I understand there should be some niceties when commenting on the fashion bombs of the day, but these women are just expressing their disdain for the style highlighted. Just as you do in the “Hot or Hmmm” section.

    Claire, you’ve had this concern before and turned off the comment section; why did you turn it back on knowing this would occur?

    Even on twitter, you’ve gone off on a woman who sent you not-so-tasteful pics (even blasting her by sharing her pics to twitverse) and have also shared not so constructive comments on twitter as well regarding someone’s style.

    What’s so different with what’s going on here?

  30. SarahJane says:

    I have to agree with Claire and AG. Constructive criticism would be to say, “I love that you are wearing lots of color, but be careful of it. The best shapes may be things that float away from the waistline, such as the top in the last picture. Also, make sure to look at anything that may pull a little. If you can see where it’s pulling, then you should get the next size up.” See, that’s constructive, telling someone how to improve what they have on, not bashing them. If you outright hate it, then why are you even commenting? Leaving rude comments just makes you an internet bully, and it’s not cute or ladylike at all. If her style is so “horrendous” to you all, then why don’t you post pictures of what you wear and let us critique you. I emailed my pictures and got featured, and i respect the constructive criticism, but the rude comments, I just brush off because I was brave and confident enough to send my photos in. Are you (those who are leaving disrespectful comments) brave enough to email your photos in? Let’s see what you have.

  31. Claire says:

    I think there’s a difference between critiquing a celebrity and critiquing a non celebrity.
    That said, even with the Hot or Hmm, we never go ‘hard’ on anyone, really. Instead of ‘this sucks’, we say, ‘hmmm…it would have been better if she had gone with a different belt’ for example. I call this constructive criticism.
    Twitter, I believe is different from my blog, in that it’s more personal. And I don’t believe I said anything overly critical of the girl in question, just that I was offended she sent me a picture with her breasts exposed. I was put off by the picture early in the morning and posted it…but realized right after I did that on Twitter that I made a mistake. I am human, I never professed to be perfect.
    I opened comments back on the blog because you guys voted unanimously to have them back. But if things get out of hand, I will step in, politely, and remind you guys to please…be nice.

  32. birdie says:

    In my opinion I think the comments for section should be disabled for Bombshell of the Day. Not just because of the negative comments some posts garish, but because I don’t see them as necessary. 15 comments saying ‘cute top’ are as unnecessary as ‘that’s ugly. I think Bombshell of the Day should be simply a showcase of one’s style, sans what others have to say.

  33. yusufswifee says:

    Ya’ll need to be alot nicer…I mean really…you know when it comes to fashion, food, and make up you are supposed to be fearless…At least she sent in more then one pix…Thanks Claire for maintain such a wonderful site. I’m from the MD DC area…maybe I’ll submitt some stuff soon. Oh and dare I say…I’ve been known to mix it up with some Rainbow basics. Don’t sleep on Rainbow.

  34. Raishawn says:

    This is Raishawn, the girl who you all are bashing. WOW! this is a big shock to wake up too. I never thought i would read such hurtful comments from the people who are being very negative. I stand behind my style 200 percent. I sent in way more pics and just so happen they put the pics from 2008. I sent an array pic to show my versatility and my love for accessories and style. For those who said i look cheap, thats cool. I have been laid off for a while but I still find creative ways to still express myself. I made a dress from that blue shirt and some stocking (not tights or spandex, get it straight) and added a feather in my hair for flare back in 2008 before people were even rocking feather. The yellow dress was a dress I bought from Up Against the Wall and added the lace shorts because I did not want my ass out. I am not afraid to take risk and yes sometime I look back and think what was I thinking but I think that want make you grow. I am not afraid to put myself out there. And today reading these comments shows me that people are quick to judge. As for those who dont think much about my styling expertise. Yall just added more fuel to my fire and motivation. I have worked with many designers and models in the industry and I take my craft very seriously. At first I was so hurt but now, its cool. Say what U like. I have grown so much today and I appreciate you all for helping me. Keep talking!

    Much Love

  35. Umm…No. And I’m not believing she’s a fashion stylist.

  36. Tia-Bia says:

    Claire, sometimes it seems as if you choose these people so they will be laugh at and run up hits for the site due to comments. No way you looked at this woman (and many others) and thought “wow, she has great style”. You KNOW she looks unflattering and messy. Anyone with eyes can see that. I enjoy this site, mainly b/c it is a black run fashion site and I love a lot of your contributors. But you do make some more than questionable choices in this section. Most of these women lack style or taste IMO.

  37. Lboogie says:


    Don’t explain yourself to anyone. Although your style differs from mine, I think you carry yourself well. Maturity doesn’t just come with age, and it is clear from some of these comments. I come here to look at fahsions and see how others express themselves, not secretly hide behind my key board and bash others. Do your thing girl, be like a duck and let it roll off your back.

    This is your blog and I find it quite rude that some of your readers have the gall to tell you how to run it. Love this blog and if others don’t know how to act like adults and offer appropriate opinions, then block the comments:-)

  38. Toya says:

    I think these comments are disparaging to say the least. i think shes a beautiful young lady. Im loving the first look and the bag is hawt!

  39. Tamika says:

    You people are crazy! This is fashion! Whether you like it or not it is still Fashion! Even if she wore sweats and a tee its all Fashion! I think she dresses appropriately for her size. The only pic i didnt like was the second in the yellow shirt…because it didn’t fit right. Everything else was cute and that is her STYLE! If your looking for some vogue model ish then mabe you need to be on a couture site. Most of these people are regular folks and we need to keep that in consideration. Everything people wear is their own and no two people are going to wear the same outfit so stop saying “oh nothing special” because everybody is different and because of that we make the clothes our own. Stop with the hating! You don’t have to dress outrageously to be a stylist. She may like the simple kind of outfits that fit her but can style other people creatively. Just stopppppppp it!

  40. CoCo says:

    Hello everyone-
    Being a stylist is hard , because it is based on total opinion. However,
    I do believe that ppl need to start ddressing to meet there body type. some of these pics were ok, but if you put maybe some distress jeans on with the tops it would look alot better – everybody aint built for spandex!!! Especially when you are top heavy… but dont give up and keep trying u will eventually get it right and we all make fashion mistakes …and as far a rainbow is concerned a true STYLIST can shop anywhere

  41. Tasha P. says:

    There are positive, negative, and ugly comments in all aspects of fashion it’s part of the business; however for this blog I think if you have a (not-so-positive) comment you should follow up with a positive suggestion :)
    Cute accessories but you should be more aware of your body type when choosing clothing.
    Suggestion: don’t wear tight on tight… tight up top=loose on bottom: loose on bottom=tight up top. This applies to revealing clothing as well :)

  42. Claire says:

    One last thing. Here’s the thought process behind the section:
    If someone thinks they have great style. And if that same person is brave enough to send in pictures. And this person (I assume) is familiar with the history of the section, and our issues with comments in the past. Then I will publish them. And mind you, I publish what I think are the best pictures out of all the pictures they send.
    I don’t do it so that they will get bashed; to drive up hits; to make anyone feel bad. Honestly, I post them to showcase the style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Reference this post for more:


    I’m not a mean or negative person, and I hope that over the course of the four (almost five) years I’ve been writing this, you guys understand where I’m coming from..that this blog is moreso about uplifting than tearing anyone down. That’s it.

  43. Farrah says:

    Sorry…it’s a no for me. I like her accessories though.

  44. Joanne_ says:

    I love love love the top in the last pic and that blue dress/top is fye! Not so fashionable but she’s doing her and I can’t ask for more. To this FB and all those after her I applaud you for submitting. :).
    Why close the comment section? Its great. Its Claire’s blog. Let’s act like it is.

  45. Nikia says:

    @LeslC – seen that on twitter 2. Claire does have the right to be personal on it tho…but that makes me agree with…

    …@Tia Bia – ur right! she’s able to distinguish what’s stylish or not, it does seem like a way to drive up viewership. Whatever works tho.

    @Raishawn – style/beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t worry about the negative comments – not every1′s choice, but not many can match ur confidence

  46. Amanda says:

    Ok, I was going to refrain from commenting since others have already expressed parts of my opinion, but here’s my two cents anyway. As a previous Fashion Bombshell of the Day, the women who are commenting should bear in mind that it takes COURAGE to put your style on display for others to judge. Everyday we each get dressed,walk out our homes and may receive compliments, but no one receives criticism. Sending your pictures to Claire for most people is only for fun, although you know in the back of your head that some people may not agree with your definition of style.

    With that said I think as long as commenters keep their comments CONSTRUCTIVE and potential bombshells are realistic about their expectations for posting on a fashion blog, then we should all be able to have mature discussions and dialogue about what fashion is to us.

  47. Tiffany says:

    Raishawn, I commend you for your courage! It takes alot to post pictures of yourself to be judged by the fashion world. Being a size 13 trying to lose my post baby weight I want to spice it up and wear sexy clothes and feel very comfortable in my skin so you are a inspiration. But I do feel as though in these outfits that were posted you could find options that enhance your figure. I struggle with this as well but I need to work on finding some styles that show my slim waist and not the size of my bust. Esp in the last photo I feel as though your chest and your wasit blend into one making you appear larger than you may be.
    Claire, how about that for a future post (summer colors and tops for every type or the top heavy)??

  48. AG says:

    @ birdie,

    I respectfully have to disagree with you on disabling the comments. Granted, a lot of people share the same opinion (nice top, love the shoes, fresh bag, etc.), but they all come from different people. People of different ages, backgrounds, styles, and places in the world. So I would assume it feels good to a fashion bomb who submitted her pics to see different people of different taste is feeling their style.

    I am looking to send my pictures in by summers end, and I am super excited! And when I do, I look forward to reading the comments, even if they are redundant. And I will even accept the constructive ones, and the ones that are negative, brush them off, because people who “e-thug” and “gangsta cyber”, talking about me disrespectfully says more about them than me.

  49. 05girl says:

    Wow! SOO many comments!

    Ok, so I get it. These are just readers who are brave enough to send in photos. Maybe the title should be changed then to like “fashion bomb reader of the day.”

    We all come here to get our fashion fix. I, for one, am more interested in seeing fashionable people highlighted. I’d much rather see “street style of the day” than “fashion bomb reader of the day.”

    I also wonder, what is “fashion” / “fashionable”? If I put on a white hanes tee and jean shorts, does that make it fashion?

    To those who say write constructive criticism – clearly some people tried, but not everyone knows what “constructive” is; and some people just prefer to be more blunt. There is nothing wrong with calling out what we find wrong with an outfit (and adding what could help makes it more constructive).

    For instance, many of these photos feature tops and tights/hosiery. I love the look of patterned tights; however, they should not be used in replacement of bottoms/pants. Many of the bombshell’s “dresses” are too short to just go with hosiery underneath IMO. I love the blue vintage top – but it doesn’t seem long enough to be a dress. I personally feel the same way about leggings – the tush should be covered – but nowadays leggings are so pervasive it seems that leggings as a bottom is a “fashion do.”

    and lastly, who cares that you wore feathers before it was the “in” thing to do. good for you.

  50. Tia-Bia says:

    Why should people recognize the “courage” it takes to sens your picture? You chose to have yourself put on blast. You cannot put yourself on the block then get angry at the outcome. if your skin is that thin perhaps you shouldn’t submit your pictures. The only people who I feel for are those who are unknowingly submitted by others.

    Most of the problem that I see here is people do not dress for their body type. Too many women wear cheap trendy pieces. Honesly, when you are bigger construction and structure are most important. Why post pictures of a big girl in ill-fitting garments and spandex? It doesn’t look good. Why not send her an e-mail letting her suggesting better options? IMO it just seems mean and intentional.

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