So…Sex and the City last night was *amazing*! I won’t give anything at all away, but trust me, even if the plot leaves you scratching your head, the fashion makes up for it!!! It was so deep, even I have some “Mail Bombs” for that movie!
Anyway, I hope you all sip some cosmos and enjoy the show with your girlfriends this Friday. It’s a fashion lover’s must see!
So last week intern Adriana tackled Part 1 of the Guide to your Summer Work Wardrobe. She was fab enough to tackle Part 2 today! Enjoy!
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So last week we nailed down dresses, jackets, shoes, and accessory essentials for your summer work wardrobe.


Throw in these additions for a well rounded look:
1. Tops
With tops, you want something that will work as a good base for your outfit, layer well, and still be a little eye-catching. Try for soft, breathable fabrics with little details (pleats, ties, shimmer, funky shapes, etc.) or look for new takes on a classic (J. Crew’s silver lamé Oxford-like shirt, below). Tops are a great way to liven up neutral pants and blazers, and are usually the easiest addition to your summer wardrobe both cost and space-wise. Remember to opt for a little sleeve action, at least covering your shoulders (capped or small ruffled sleeves are a great compromise):
1. Diane Von Furstenberg Carone Top, $198. 2. J.Crew Whisper Lame Shirt, $110. 3. Anne Klein Tie Front Shirt, $89. 4. Bow Tie Floral Top, $79. 5. Chiffon Ruffle Top, $22.80.
2. Skirts
Summer is the season to play with fabrics and fun silhouettes (like a bubble skirt). Knife-pleats, vivid prints, and swingy hems are great ways to add flair to a work skirt, and a high-waisted, pencil skirt with a unique detail (a bow front, cool stitching, or a wide leather sash with a side-tie just at your waist) can make for a fresh, sexy take on a classic:
1. Milly Bow Front Pencil Skirt, $137. 2. Banana Republic Linen Abstract Skirt, $62.30. 3. Forever 21 Spotted Woven Skirt, $22.80. 4. Tibi Pleated Skirt, $273.5. Tracy Reese Canvas Printed Pencil Skirt, $240.
3. Pants
Across the board, pants are by far one of the hardest items to shop for. And let’s be real: slim/skinny pants, cute as they look and “on trend” as they are, just don’t work for everyone (but we have included a few below that caught our eye). A cut I really love and that flatters almost any shape is the elegant, Hepburn-style, wide-legged trouser. It’s sexy and chic, definitely on trend, and effortlessly airy for summer days at the office and summer nights on the town!
1. Julie Haus Hi-Waist Frida Pant, $275. 2. BCBG Indigo Striped Carla Slim Flare Pant, $178. 3. Holly Herringbone Pant, $228. 4. J.Crew City Fit Italian Linen Pant, $250.
4. Handbags
And just for fun, here are a few handbag choices to go perfectly with your newly refreshed summer work wardrobe!
1.Fendi Rainbow Degrade Hobo, $1,840. 2. Zac Posen Lily Shoulder Bag, $1,050. 3. Kale Stella Bag, $475. 4. Dautore Slouchy Shoulder Bag, $471. 5. Forever 21 Sequin Weave Tote Bag, $39.80. 6. Deux Lux Pintuck Satchel, $68.
Bon Shopping!

Loved the bag selections!! Didn’t Adriana do a great job??
My interns are the bomb!

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