Hey Bombshells!

Today we’re rounding out our Fall / Winter Fashion Checklist with yummy colorful totes, statement necklaces, patterned tights, and wild card winter accessories!

Beyonce Amerie Winter Celebrity Wardrobe Tote Bags

Feel free to go crazy with these super fun adornments with a diversity of embellishments, hues, and shapes!



Always have at least a black or brown bag on hand, then play around with burgundy, deep green, alluring orange, and mustard yellows:

Statement Necklaces:

Statement Necklace Celebrity

We at the Fashion Bomb have shown our allegiance to the ubiquitous statement necklace, an accessory that can liven up even the most boring knit sweater or dress:

Patterned Tights:


Look-at-me tights are the hottest trend off the Fall 2009 runway. Take a cue from Solange who loves tights in black, purple, and pink dominated patterns:

Wild Card Accessories:

Fingerless Gloves, Belts

Save on leather gloves, waist cinching belts, drop down earrings, and more:

Did we forget anything in our roundup? Fellas stay tuned for even more tailored tips tomorrow!
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