Las Vegas is a bold, colorful and vibrant city. It is a place you can meet all sorts of people. It’s also a city full of polar opposites. In the Strip, they’ve got glamorous casinos and hotels. Elsewhere in the city, there are small dusty motels.

Similarly, dress codes in Las Vegas are as unique as they come. You’ve got people dressed like Elvis the King. Then there are some inspired by Frank Sinatra and James Bond. That being said, this article focuses on a few Vegas-inspired dress codes you’ll either love or hate. 

1— Card Suit Blouse and Skirt

They say simplicity is beauty. This blouse and skirt manage to stay both simple and beautiful with its white linen graced by popular suits of cards. It’s perfect for any casino-themed party, especially if you like to keep your dress code simple.

2 — Classy Trench coat

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Planning to attend a casino themed event in a cold zip code? This classy, unique, trench coat could be the perfect outfit you need. Unless you show it to your friends, there’s a guarantee no one else will have the same outfit, at least not the same exact design.

According to Benjamin James, founder of, it’s a rare piece of beauty that stays true to the casino theme and also offers the level of elegance wealth casino players showcase. The best part is that you can wear it in multiple events and not just at casino-focused festivals.

3 — Butterfly Dress, but with Card Suits

If a matching blouse and skirt looks too formal to you, then you can keep things casual with this butterfly dress. But there’s caveat. The dress foregoes butterflies in favor of colorful suit of cards.

For clarity, the base color doesn’t have to be white. You can find a blue, green, yellow or even black dress. The only condition is to ensure the suit of cards symbols appear magnificently on the dress. You could also accessorize with a belt or casino-themed shoes as well.

4—Simple, Casual T-Shirt

 Simple, casual, close-fitting yet in line with a casino-themed party. This is also a perfect T-shirt for people that like to gamble online. Online casinos have no dress codes, after all.

5—Chips and Cards Jumpsuit Shorts 

Everything has a time and place. These chips and card-themed jumpsuit shorts are perfect for a night where casino gaming is involved. Forget about how tight they look. You can have your tailor design something that fits you as comfortably as you want.

The bottom line is that you dress for the occasion. And importantly, you want your casino-themed dress code to standout from the rest. That said, there are not many colors that suit this theme as much as green—you could try black and red if you hate green.

6—Poker Suit

If you’re feeling a wee bit edgy, here’s an idea. Get a suit that shouts casino all over. The base color can be green, white, black or red—the main hues in casinos. All the same, your suit needs to be colorful and jam-packed with casino accessories like chips and cards.

For accessories, nothing says you’re a high roller more than a grand watch and pair of shades. For the uninitiated, shades help hide your tell and make you harder to beat in poker. 

7—Silk, Joker and Card Suits

This is yet another outfit for people who want to communicate vividly what their style is about. You’ve got a black, open-arms dress with the joker holding a spade card suit. Then there are more suit symbols and a wide, curvy slit that leaves you looking sassy and gorgeous.

Although you could let the dress speak about your fashion, you can also consider putting on casino-themed shoes. They don’t need to be extravagant—a pair of heels or flat shoes with card suits on them can do the job.

8—Katy Perry Style

There’s not need to ask about Katy Perry’s favorite casino game. She’s got craps die pieces all over her. She looks fabulous in the red sequin dress. And you could look as amazing as she does with a similar dress.

It’s a little bit extravagant and could feel heavy depending on the number of die pieces attached to your dress. But if it’s something you would feel comfortable in, give it a shot. 

9—James Bond’s Signature Suit

Your favorite agent—James Bond—is always hanging around casinos. And guess what? He’s usually in his signature tuxedo suit. In fact, the style is so popular that it’s the official dress code for many casinos in Las Vegas.

In light of that information, you wouldn’t be rude appearing in a James Bond-like tuxedo suit at your friend’s casino-themed party. 

10—Dress Like Elvis

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then you know the impact Elvis made to the city. In some streets, you’ve got people dressed and behaving like the king. Inside the casinos, there are more people dressed like the king of rock.

So, why not try it? Many of the Elvis’ jumpsuits are based on casino colors: white, blackjack, green and red. 

11—Viva Las Vegas

Visiting a casino-themed party with your significant other? Here’s an idea. Dress like Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret on the cover of their movie—Viva Las Vegas. They’re clad in the right colors.

Their outfits are easy to get and on point. Elvis dons a shinny green suit, black leather shoes, a clipped purple tie and a black guitar in his hands. Margret, by comparison, slays in a white vest, cream shorts, and red coat.

Although Viva Las Vegas isn’t as popular as it was when it came out, everyone recognizes the film’s cover. That’s not just because the king was in it. It’s mainly due to the colorful, memorable outfits he’s wearing alongside Margret.