On the 5th of October in New York City, Travel & GIVE will be hosting their 2nd annual ‘Travel With a Purpose’ fundraiser sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka to raise awareness and money towards their missions in Haiti and Kenya! The philanthropic occasion, in such a harmonious atmosphere, will be placing a highlight on such a conscious cause while also providing the entertainment too. The event will be hosted by writer, actress, Blue Bloods and Orange is the New Black’s very own Brandhyze Stanley, with a live performance by Leah Simone. As well as a silent auction, raffles and open bar, an award ceremony will take place to honor those involved with the cause. 

Their ultimate goal is to raise $20,000 to sponsor student’s education, provide wheelchairs, and fund the orphanages affiliated, with therapeutic materials. The tickets cost will contribute to Travel & Give’s programs that is ran in both Kenya and Haiti. 

Founders Allison Anthonisz-Thorton, Christine Mercado, Dede Savirak, Jasmine Linton, Khalida Sims, Martine Harris, Monica Longmire and Octavia Yearwood as a collective, discovered the beauty and magic from one girls’ trip, and were able to build a foundation to create a movement. Where Martine Harris formerly worked in Port-au-Prince at a school, the frequent girls’ trips granted them an opportunity to harvest compassion and sense of awareness for their resources, networks, and hearts to coincide for a greater good.

 After asking staff members what they were in dire need of, they realized the resources requested were things they often had taken for granted. As a result, all women took the initiative to provide the differently-abled and those who learned uniquely what they can, to sustain their livelihoods. It was then they thought it best to create Travel & GIVE as an effort to make global change by transforming communities.

With their power address towards communities around the world who are in need of advocacy and education, Travel & GIVE are able to cultivate inclusive environments for those living with disabilities and give them opportunities to grow safely and sustain comfortably. They are able to accomplish such goals with a great team of health professionals that volunteer their time to educate the caregivers of those communities the propers ways of stimulating pressing matters such as language development, feeding concerns as well as motor skills.

Since their establishment in 2017, they have managed to provide service in Kenya & Haiti by funding 30 children’s’ education, implement a multi-sensory digital learning platform in several schools throughout Nairobi, Kenya and raise well over $10,000 for orphanages for disabled youths. You can learn more here, and also purchase tickets to contribute to such a moving cause that will for sure make this world a better and more fulfilling place.