Bridney Winfrey and her namesake collection (The Bridney Winfrey Collection) made their debut into the world of fashion late 2020 in spite of the difficulties the year gave the rest of the world. This Business mogul in the making is not a fashion designer turned business woman, like many of her fashion industry peers. Bridney Winfrey has a unique and interesting take on doing business, which has undoubtedly made her easy to support. 

Bridney is a Real Estate agent, turned fashion collection boss based in the greater Chicago area of Illinois. Chicago natives know her as Bridney “Chicago Bull” Winfrey due to her efforts of working on building up women while not taking garbage from men, and for the red color lipstick that has become her stchick after a traumatic experience that involved her lip. 

She has seen the difficulties women face first hand trying to become independent business owners, especially women of color. Being a black woman business owner is the base of her philanthropic duties, as she states, “I like to see all women win, but I love to see black and brown women win in all our endeavours.” She continues to explain that it is not a race thing, but an open door to empowerment that is new to black and brown women. The female boss blazer collection is to express exactly those sentiments. The original 2020 Bridney Winfrey Collection has a story to tell to entice all women ready to own their territories. 

Mixing modern style with a 90’s to late 00’s flare, she gives her metaphorical flowers to boss women of that time which inspired her all throughout her collection. Often she gives her blazers codenames based on the feel and fabric so you know what to expect when buying it. Some pieces are more intricate than others but overall, simple enough for a busy boss to grab and go. 

Pieces like the ‘Boss AF Tuxedo Suit by Bridney Winfrey’ shows off the femininity of a woman by having shoulders and midriff out on the left, and a full tuxedo coverage on the right. The tuxedo can be glammed up and bossed up like Jessica Rich did for her reality show intro (tuxedo blazer, bodysuit, and heels). 

Other blazers are easy for grabbing and going like the ‘Confidence Blazer by Bridney Winfrey’ or ‘Power Blazer by Bridney Winfrey’ which was inspired by the home/work balance we all had to embrace during 2020. “I wanted bosses, new or seasoned, to be able to take their conference call with confidence.” noting the struggle she heard many women make vocal, ‘What do I wear when taking a video call from home?’. The solution was clear to Bridney, she added blazers that can make you go from home workout to a zoom-CEO-conference-ready in the matter of seconds. She acknowledges she is not offering anyone a new concept but, when you think ‘Boss in Chief’ she knows you will think about her.

“This is more than a blazer line, this is someone’s life line. When you invest in a blazer from me you are now introduced to the band of women that can do just about anything.” 

That band of women is her exclusive facebook group named ‘FEMALE BOSS EMPOWERMENT IN FASHION’ in which she created an environment for women to talk about all things business, lifestyle, and fashion tailored for the female entrepreneur. Her goal is to use the fashion collection to teach women that you do not need to become a sugar baby, or stay in difficult situations to get a slice of success in this lifetime. The group is geared towards encouraging all the entrepreneurs that know the best position is CEO & Founder. 

There are very few collections owned by independent and small business owners that can say they dressed celebrities. However, her collection being only a few months old is the one and only that can dress A-list celebrities while having a driving force outside of money. Her women entrepreneur empowerment group is the perfect and evolutionary add on that no other business owner in the fashion industry is doing currently. 

Thinking about the future of the collection she states, “It doesn’t stop at me. I might find amazing bosses, whether they are celebrities like Elnaz Golrokh or Jessica Rich, or women in the facebook group that I can create Bridney Winfrey by Female Boss collaborations. The goal is to reach millions that are ready to own their go-to fashion pieces. I don’t believe in telling my next move, but I give all women the opportunity to succeed with me.” 

When asked about becoming a competitor to big brand names, “ It would be silly for me to compete with fashion. I am not fashion, I am the statement and the piece every woman needs in their closet when fashion couldn’t do anything for us when the world stopped.” 

The advice she gives women constantly, “Know when to talk about your success, and know when to celebrate your small victories in silence. Learn how to celebrate without telling people, go treat yourself to a nice dinner or selfcare time. Being loud with everything will result in you losing it all if you are careless.” 

You can find Bridney Winfrey online only at to shop the collection. As for keeping up with Bridney on social media she can be found on tiktok, instagram, and twitter by using @bridneywinfrey.