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Today I wanted to introduce you to a hot young stylist, Fatima B:


The supremely driven Bombshell is a Fashion Director at Black Beat and Right On! Magazines, and has styled Christina Milian, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy, Juelz Santana, and BET’s Terrence J.

So how did such a pretty young thing get so far, so fast? She took a break from pursuing a Business Management degree to intern for 50 Cent’s stylist, where she went over and above the call of duty. She said, “I learned from her. When I was working for her, I wasn’t thinking about the pay…I wasn’t getting paid! But if she called me at 3am to do job, I did it. I was consistent, organized, and on point.
A year and a half later, and now you’ll find Fatima styling shoots, running to showrooms, and collaborating with some of the industry’s hottest up and comers (yes, she was the brainchild behind Nicki Minaj’s fabulous Limpasse Lace Dress!):

Nicki Minaj Fashion Style

When working with clients she says, “You have to make sure the client is comfortable in what they’re wearing. Try to get to know them and collaborate with them to come up with an image. You don’t want to to put an artist in an element where their music and style don’t match.”
Fatima referenced her childhood in Japan to inform her current client, Nicki Minaj’s look. She explains, “Nicki came to me with the idea of looking like a living doll. We collaborated to create a Harajuku Barbie.”
Nicki-Mimi-BarbieRegarding all the controversy surrounding Nicki’s look, she says, “Madonna did something similar in the 80’s, but it was fashion when it came to her. There’s a double standard, but people always have something to say.


As for her own look, Fatima’s winter staples include her Moncler Jacket, slick thigh high boots, ripped J Brand Jeans, and her favorite faux fur vest:

In conclusion, Fatima urges you aspiring stylists out there to, “…definitely intern, and get lots of experience. You have to be hungry! Don’t do it for the money or the glamour, because a lot of the job isn’t glamorous! It’s a tough business and for some people it takes 10 years, but you just have to motivate!”

Read more about Fatima on her website, www.fatimab.com.
She’s one to watch!

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  1. Thanks for showcasing such a young talent. I love the fact that she makes it clear that this business is not about glamour or pay. She has great style and I hope to see more of her.

  2. thanks soo much for this story on her. I’m moving to NYC next week to pursue my dreams of styling & this was very inspirational for me today…THANKS!

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