In the world of fashion, we’ve seen an influx of black luxury designers over the past decade. As the weather
warms up, you’ll be racing to get into that two-piece. There’s no swimwear line that compares to Delyx Ltd.

Best known for their versatility in mid-season apparel, this new company is making their mark in fashion.
In their first year in business, Delyx Ltd. made debut appearances in world-renowned shows. They graced the
stages of New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and DC Swim Week right out of the gate. This luxury line is definitely
not camera shy! Their products were featured on-air by Fox5 DC as one of the ‘Lines to Look Out For’ during a preview for DC Swim Week. The lush materials, and multi-wear pieces make for a fashionista’s dream.

Delyx Ltd. was founded by University of Florida grads, Sophia Stallworth and Sharice Barnes, and this
dynamic duo is taking the industry by storm. When you dream up a fashion line that produces high quality winter weather apparel and swimwear, everyone wants to know “How did you come up with this?”. The longtime friends explain, “Well, we were going shopping on a ski trip, when we realized we had no space in our luggage…”
Sharice says, “Truth be told, on any given trip, either or both of us has over packed. Reminiscing about the
beautiful things we’d seen while shopping, we started to think about the “what ifs”… What would make it possible to purchase less, yet maintain quality, style and variety?”

Sophia adds, “After doing some research, we noticed there was a big gap in the market. We weren’t able to find high quality products with multiple color options, different attachments. Most of all, companies aren’t making clothes that are reversible and can be worn multiple ways! So, we decided to create them ourselves. Like most great things, Delyx was born out of the premise of necessity.

A focus on high quality material and multi functionality sets Delyx apart. Let’s take a dive in the deep end and get a sneak peak. You can find them this summer, as the featured brand, opening night, at Orange Fashion Fashion Week, July 6th and in the Genesis Show by DC Swim Week Official in Miami Swim Week July 8th.

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