So I was on my buddy’s webpage and randomly clicked on the site for Kurt Geiger:


A UK based shop, Kurt Geiger is Europe’s leading luxury shoe retailer, and offers over 100 brands of decadent designer shoes. While they sell various well known brands (Stuart Weitzman, French Connection), I love the Kurt Geiger mark the most:

I literally want all of them. I’m not kidding.

Drool over the selections at

11 thoughts on “You Should Know: Kurt Geiger Shoes”

  1. Just an FYI……The site does not delver to the U.S. I am sooo not happy right now. I just tried to purchase 4 pair and imagine the disappointment.

  2. i adore kurt geiger – when my family lived in england, my mum stayed stanning for them (still does lol). those neon heels have me drooling!

  3. im so effin upset they dont deliever in US. i was really excited like yes some really hot shoes. ughh

  4. I happen to work for Kurt Geiger. If you are interested in International deliveries contact our concession in Harrods department store in London on + 44 7730 1234 request the Kurt Geiger Ladies department and you can set up a telephone order.

  5. iheart84,
    the number isn’t working for me :( … pleaseee leave any information I could use to contact them because there is a shoe i’d LOVE to have for wedding coming up. Thanks!!

  6. Hiya guys, does anyone know where i can get my hands on the pair at the top of the page? The brown, pink and green strappy platforms. They are gorgeous and i want them badly!

    Size 7 please!

    Many thanks

    Hayley xxx

  7. I am in love with the pair that are mostly tan but have purple pink and green on them. They are in teh very top picture on the far left with a white version on the far right. Cannot find them anywhere even on KG site. Does anyone know the shoe name or where I can buy these. I must own them.

  8. Love Kurt Geiger. Does anyone know of a site that provides his shoes and will ship to the US? Or a 3rd party that will forward to the US??

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