The beautiful continent of Africa has been subjected to many stereotypes for centuries. Fortunately there are people dedicated to changing the narrative by providing informational resources for those looking to travel to the motherland.  Jet Black is a budding travel company that focuses on tourism to countries that are often overlooked.


Jet Black wants the idea of traveling to Africa to expand beyond missionary and volunteer work.  The goal is for the continent to become a primary vacation destination so that money can be put back into the economy.  Their travel resources allow you to experience the beaches, nightlife, culture, history, food, spas and so much more. Consultations for groups, government officials, and individuals are also available.



The company was founded by Jessica Nambowa, a wanderlust who has visited 6 of the 7 continents. With over 60 countries under her belt, the travel noire decided to document her adventures on her blog The Catch Me if You Can.


We are definitely pushing Africa as a new vacation destination.  What do you think?  Will you be exploring Jet Black’s services?


XOXO- Marsha B.