In a time where everything is accessible online, including shopping, STYLESTUDIOLIVE is bringing the personal back into fashion. Yes, it’s true that shopping online for clothes is easier due to the luxury of being able to virtually do so at any place and time, however the stress behind it is enough to deter anyone. The constant worry of whether or not the clothing item is the right size, fits well, and looks the same way as advertised, is a fashion crisis that STYLESTUDIOLIVE is solving for multiple clients day by day. 

So, what is StyleStudioLive? It is a premier boutique concierge agency for luxury style services available nationwide, founded by multi-faceted fashion stylist and entrepreneur, Allyson Justice Longshore. Bringing you top quality fashion and personal styling assistance directly to your doorstep! Allyson has spent more than a decade styling for the elite design houses of Chanel, Valentino, and Carolina Herrera with clients ranging from celebrities to working moms and CEOs! 

Allyson recently had the chance to connect with Fashion Bomb Daily. She discussed the foundation of STYLESYUDIOLIVE and why she believes it will revolutionize the personal styling experience! 

CY: Why did you decide to become a personal stylist and ultimately create StyleStudioLive? 

AL: I saw a lack of personal attention towards consumers in the luxury retail fashion houses while I was working in New York City. My goal was to build one-on-one relationships with my clients, know their lifestyle, see their closets, edit their wardrobes, and shop/style them accordingly. I wanted to make fashion fun and enjoyable for them again! On my days off my clients would ask me to come over to their homes and edit their closets and style fabulous pieces they weren’t wearing because they couldn’t pull the look together. It all organically evolved into the launch of my dream career and STYLESTUDIOLIVE was born! 

CN: Were you always interested in this kind of work? 

AL: ALWAYS! I have always loved the industry and studied the industry. I have degrees in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising but it wasn’t until my position with Valentino that I really fell in love with the buying process and creating well rounded decisions that brought my clients best features to life. 

CY: What are some of your wardrobe essentials? 

AL: I always start with luxury basics- that’s how you truly build a timeless forever wardrobe! Cashmere knits by The Row, a Balenciaga Moto Jacket, an Alexander McQueen blazer, Italian boots with heel height for day/night, Khaite denim, a neutral Gianvito Rossi pump, leather pants by Tom Ford, a Celine cashmere coat, a black Chanel classic bag. 

CY: What advice do you have for people who want to work in the fashion/personal styling industry? 

AL: The devil is ALWAYS in the detail. You can have an appointment that goes great and have a happy client but if you drop the ball on the alterations it ruins the whole process. Staying organized is key! Care about your clients the way you would want someone to take care of you and always be 10 steps ahead of them. Remember they are hiring you so that they don’t have to do the work themselves- they should never have to remind you of any details! 

CY: Why is StyleStudioLive a MUST have service right now? 

AL: Humans are busier than they have ever been now working, parenting, and managing life. STYLESTUDIOLIVE is centered around convenience and ease. We take the hassle out of shopping and bring everything directly to the client. They are confident knowing they are dressed in the best and that they look their very best and that is priceless! 

CY: Who does your styling service cater to? 

AL: We cater to anyone that is busy that needs an extra hand managing their wardrobe. We do event styling for the red carpet and we edit and organize wardrobes as well as product sourcing. It’s all about what the clients needs and we will cater to that and make sure any request is executed seamlessly and efficiently. We have a full service Styling Menu on STYLESTUDIOLIVE.COM. 

CY: Who are your top favorite fashion designers at the moment? 

AL: The Row, Khaite, Elie Saab, and Bottega Veneta for accessories and handbags. 

CY: What are this season’s fashion Dos & Donts? 

AL: Spring Summer 2020 is all about self expression! DO dress for yourself and wear what feels true to your personality. DON’T try to be or dress like someone else. True style comes from being creative and authentically you. If it doesn’t feel right then take it off! 

CY: What is your proudest/most memorable career moment? 

AL: Launching STYLESTUDIOLIVE 5 years ago! I worked so hard to build a network of talented people, designers, clients while I was working for luxury fashion houses over the past 15 years. It all paid off and I wouldn’t be where I am today without having worked my way up the corporate luxury fashion latter. 

If you would like to connect with Alyson Justice Longshore and request personal styling services from STYLESTUDIOLIVE email al************@gm***.com 

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