With Black Lives Matter movement, the world’s gaze is now cast onto black owned businesses and how they can support. We at Fashion Bomb Daily have been champions for this cause for years, and even created a marketplace for Black Designers, FashionBombDailyShop.com.

Our best-selling Olayemii bags have been a fan-fave since we stocked them in the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop and designer, Tanise Francis couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support she’s received surrounding her bomb bags. She started the brand with simply a dollar and dream in 2017 and now, Olayemii has grown into so much more than handbags.

Tanise Francis is a New York native who went to Delaware State University to major in fashion design and merchandising. Originally, Francis had hopes on becoming a lawyer or businesswoman, but her passion for fashion was too overwhelming to be held back. While at Delaware State, she joined a modeling troupe called Model Inc which is where her desire to pursue fashion came from. She realized she was much more intrigued by the designers rather than being a front-and-center model.

Claire Sulmers

In April of 2017, Tanise Francis launched the Olayemii “I am Worthy Of Wealth”. She tells us, “Olayemii is a sophisticated collection of premium Ankara printed handbags and apparel. Each high-quality piece is hand-crafted by artists in Nigeria. What makes Olayemii bags unique is their African Ankara print fabric that’s juxtaposed with traditionally styled handbags. Designed in a western style with the top handle shape as well as the overall construction of the bag. These uniquely made bags have plenty of pockets for storage, and they’re lined with velvet.


Tanise Francis offers, “Olayemii’s mission is to become a household name that is recognized worldwide, while also providing jobs to Nigerian women to help support their families. These women are the tailors who manufacture the bags. Olayemii is a growing brand, who cares about the quality and design of our products while maintaining African culture.”


Tanise Francis describes the Olayemii Woman: “The Olayemii Woman is beautifuly styled, fashion-forward, and remains on trend. She is a woman who wants and appreciates Luxury and the African culture.” Olayemii has become popular with celebrities and influencers like beauty influencer Anaya Ivy, LHHNY star Tahiry Jose, musical artist Janelle Monae, and even our very own Editor-In-Chief Claire Sulmers.


The designer’s hardwork and success did not come without challenges which she overcame when she realized that she was helping others. She explains, “Running my business between Nigeria and New York City is very challenging. Picking the perfect fabrics for the customers and creating the perfect style bag… but it’s all worth it. I’m able to provide jobs to single mothers in Nigeria. My tailors in Nigeria are able to feed there families from executing my design ideas.” Also, Francis even takes the earnings from her company back to Nigeria to feed less fortunate children.


Tanise hopes to get her bags into Target or Macy’s one day, so the world can grow to appreciate and understand the beauty of African culture. She tells Fashion Bomb Daily she is “forever grateful” for everyone who has purchased and supported Olayemii’s handbags. She thanks us for believing in a girl from the Bronx and providing her with a bigger platform to sell her bags.

You can shop Olayemii’s handbags by simply visiting the Fashion Bomb Daily Shop!