When we think of Hip-Hop, a culture that gave a voice to the voiceless, a cause to the rebels, and a harmonious fight within a community that was poverty stricken, it would be an insult to not mention the impact of one it’s pioneers Dapper Dan. In just short of two weeks on July 9th, Dapper Dan’s memoir Made In Harlem: A Memoir will hit the shelves and we’re ecstatic about it!

If most aren’t aware as they should be, the culture that is Hip-Hop, became a movement derived from the inner-city youth of New York that shaped innovators and originated most styles reflected in current modern day trends. Amongst the detrimental crack epidemic that hit the streets such as Harlem, which notably became the ‘Cocaine 80s’, hood legends that profited off of the rise of it, and artists within rap music too, turned to couturier and tailor Dapper Dan.

His twist within luxury brand’s logos, made it affordable, original, and fly for true hood allure. With his fashion serving as a reflectorial attempt of extravagance, he made the idea of “knockoffs” a thing you’d take pride in with his creative reproduction of it all.

And as profitable of a culture it is today, many before believed Hip-Hop to be a fad however, and a nuisance that has made nonsensical noise. Only being “trendy” and “chic”  when you fast forward decades years later, seeing it in countless fashion magazines black people had to go to ropes to get truly recognized, and accredited in. But Hip-Hop has always been a reflection of the street’s true and raw reality.

Much of that is reflected in Dapper Dan’s story of being a prolific figure, that spearheaded a movement of self expression within fashion for the black community. But to know him as being a living legend, we must first know his full story in his own words. I’m sure you bombshells and bombers are anticipating it’s release like we are. Be sure to Pre-order here!