So while I’m here, I’m trying to get a full view of everything fashionable in Europe. A friend turned me on to a magazine called Colures


…a UK publication that focuses exclusively on black fashion.
I know! While we’re still hurting over the loss of Suede, magazines like Colures produce smart fashionable shots and shoots featuring women of color.
In addition to top notch fashion…

The magazine has intriguing articles…
And scintillating accessories spreads…
Who needs Italian Vogue when Colures represents us all the time???
To read more about Colures, visit the site at www.coluresmagazine.com.
Take a peak at back issues, and subscribe for about $120 a year by clicking here.
PS Check out an interview with Colures Editor Leonie Brown here.

11 thoughts on “You Should Know: Colures Magazine”

  1. i looked at the website. If i had an extra 120 dollars laying around I would definitely subscribe!!!

    soooooooo….when are u gonna have a contest and the winner is a subscription?

  2. I have actually known about this magazine for over a year now but they rarely have any new issues out. I realize it is published twice a year but the one you have up has been out for over 7 months now.

  3. Well, it’s news to me! im’ voting for you Claire for Best Fashion Blog, hope you win:)

  4. Nice looking mag. It’s tough getting a quality magazine for young black females. I love O but it’s not hip enough. If I had $120 extra dollars I would buy this mag.

  5. You can get this magazine at Barnes & Noble for about $7.50 per issue. If you're interested just call your local store to see if they stock it. I found mine at University Village in Seattle.

  6. I like this magazine and was able to interview the editor for my blog. I hope it gains a steady audience.

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