20 thoughts on “WWD Asks Designers: What Should Michelle Obama Wear?”

  1. Claire, i love that u’re on France time, bc I get all ur new posts as I’m at work! Yes!

    I agree w anonymous. I can’t stand that Betsey Johnson dress. I’m not even surprised about it. The killer is, she made the drawing look like a black Betsey Johnson. Her stuff is too out there for me.

    I really like all the others tho. The other dresses on WWD were really nice too, especially the DVF suit. Hotness.

  2. I don’t really like ANY of the dresses. There just all so XTRA. Michelle’s style is classic chic. She does not wear frilly Euro-clothes. She’s a tall, thick black woman from the South-Side of Chicago. People please.

  3. The Lhuillier speaks to Michelle’s style sensibility. It’s elegant, yet has a few fun, flirty elements that give a nod to Mrs. Obama’s sense of humor. And that color would be absolutely amazing on her.

    I love Betsey’s fun spirit, but Lord if that dress wouldn’t make Michelle look like a tag sale doll. Definitely not what the first lady should be wearing, even though I think I know what inspired the irreverent design.

  4. If she wears that red white and blue I might have to just smack her. I think the Badgley and Tracey Reese are the top two. Badgley being number 1. She has to look sharp.

  5. i like the dvf and the yellow one next to the purple one. they’re all gorgeous but some are a tad too fancy i think

  6. I like the Monique Lhuillier dress and DVF. Everything actually looks great to me I think many of us forget and may not think about the fact that these are sketches. Thus, details will be modified once on a dress form. Tracy Reese’s sketches are not going as hard as I think they should this go around.

  7. love the monique lhuillier and the badgley mischka! either one of those would be stunning and perfect fr such a momentous occasion. betsey got it wrong, wrong, wrong

  8. What does any of these have to do with MO? Not one remotely resemble MO! I have not been able to lie to myself that I can honestly say MO can carry any fashion in any sense! MO need to make over with her face especially her eye brow, she look MEAN!

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