It’s a battle of the Atlanta rappers! Gucci Mane posed for the ‘Gram over the weekend in the same $980 Gucci ‘Rainbow Hollywood’ sweater that Young Thug snapped a photo in a few days ago.

Young Thug channeled his usual bold style, coordinating the sweater with a a bright yellow hat, hot pink and white sneakers, and metallic Gucci logo socks.

Gucci Mane rocked Gucci from head to toe, pairing his sweater with Falacer Glitter low-top sneakers by the brand. Although the sneakers are glittery and a statement in their own, they didn’t take away from the sweater.

The blue sweater with rainbow lettering makes for a great casual statement. Both rappers have very individualistic styles which showed in their personal twists on the sweater. 

I’d have to say they both did their thing with accessorizing. Who do you think wore it best?

If you love it enough to purchase, buy it here!