If you want to kick start your cloud computing career than nothing is as better as earning Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals badge. Whether you are an IT professional willing to explore this promising field or a non-IT specialist trying to find a way to lay the foundation of a successful professional path, this certification will help you by all means. In this post, we’ll give you all the necessary information about this fundamental-level badge and the test you need to pass to earn it.


General Overview of Credential and Its AZ-900 Exam

Designed with a purpose to create a right launch pad for you, this Microsoftcertification helps you gain expertise in all the basic Azure main services, support, and pricing, cloud concepts, and security. But, all of this is not as easy as it sounds. There are many stumbling blocks between you and the badge. The Exam-Labs Practice Exams test is one of them. If you want to become a certified Azure professional and earn this credential, you just pass the assessment. But, is it that difficult? We bet it’s not if you prepare with reliable materials and all the dedication.


The Microsoft AZ-900 assessment testifies your knowledge of the main cloud concepts and Azure services. In 60 minutes, you need to answer 40-60 questions. Passing this test with good grades can be a challenge for a non-technical professional. Still, it’s not the time to lose hope. Here, we will discuss the right prep material, study guides, and other reliable resources that you might find useful while trying to embark on a promising IT career.

Microsoft-The First and Foremost Dependable Resource

Microsoft knows the kind of expertise, commitment, and excellence its credentials demand. That’s why it offers you reliable and real-time study material for almost every certification test provided by them. Examsnap Microsoft AZ-900 is no exception.


There are plenty of options for you. The first one is Microsoft Press Store. It is a platform managed by Microsoft in collaboration with Pearson where you will get the most updated and relevant IT books, eBooks, online videos, and other educational content covering a range of Microsoft technologies.

For Microsoft AZ-900 test, our recommendations are:

  • Exam AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (Video)

This 4-hour long video is here to help you understand every Microsoft AZ-900 test concepts in the most precise manner. Created by the instructor and author Jim Cheshire, this is surely a good help. However, its cost of $299 can prevent making it a preferred choice by everyone.

  • Exam Ref AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (book & eBook) With Practice Test

If video seems bit pocket pinching for you then this is a better option. Rendering you thesame kind of expert Azure knowledge, this material is available in both a book and eBook format. Also, it includes practice tests so that you can assess your learning progress simultaneously. The best part is that it’s quite affordable as well. The book version will cost you $39.99 while eBook can be owned at $31.99.


Up next in our list is instructor-led training offered by the vendor. Microsoft has partnered various learning centers to offer Microsoft AZ-900 aspirants a classroom-like learning atmosphere. This type of studying enforces the deepest knowledge allowing you to learn in close proximity with the expert and helping you earn hands-on experience. That is why many candidates prefer this resource. 

For Microsoft AZ-900, this instructor-led training is available in two variants. You can choose the course AZ-900T01-A which takes 1 day and only gives you the lecture-based learning assistance. On the other hand, you can opt for the course AZ-900T00-A. This learning will last for 2 days, it covers key Azure concepts and also includes lab sessions. 

Exam-labs- Your Knight in Shining Armor

Exam-labs.comis a leading platform that offers you diligently crafted exam dumps. These resources contain real-time questions and their detailed answers. To make things more beneficial, Exam-labs.com offers you free and paid versions of these exam dumps. While the free version is good enough for better practice, the premium one offers you comprehensive guidance. Every answer in a paid file is testified and verified by experts so you can be sure about the viability of these materials.


The Premium Bundlecomes with 186 real-time questions & answers, 21 lectures, and a study guide of 425 pages. All this you get at an affordable price of $59.99 which makes it easily accessible.

While the exam dumps help you to get prepared for the test, the study guide & lectures are there to equip you with the best of knowledge on the topics covered. These dumps are basicallyete files created for usein the ETE Player. This software simulates a real testing environment and helps you perform better on the assessment day.

Seeing all this, we can blindly trust on these preparation resources. Whether you are an experienced professional or a beginner, exam dumps are going to help at every front. Many Microsoft AZ-900 aspirants (around 2000 per week) have already tried braindumps during their studies and passed the test in their first attempt.



Passing AZ-900 test is one of the easiest ways to become proficient in Azure Fundamentals and gain a badge from Microsoft. And here reliable and relevant study resources would bring the best help to you. The training courses offered by Microsoft and exam dumps fromExam-labs.com are the best choices you have.

Both these options are known to impart true and actual information and help you perform better in the assessment. So, don’t take a step back just because you don’t have any prior knowledge or a particular skill. Take the right study material on board and conquer the world.