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By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x) for Fashion Bomb Daily

Teddy bear coats have been in the spotlight for a little while now as the perfect winter-time outerwear essential. Teddy bear coats get their name from their fleece like material, reminiscent of our childhood teddy bears. Not to mention they are incredibly cozy.

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The first teddy bear coat to make its’ mark was the Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon coat rocked by Kim Kardashian way back in 2013. Since then, there have been many variations from the original tan, long length coat – proving this is a wardrobe staple that’s here to stay.

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The 2018 update of the infamous teddy bear coat, means that they now come in a range of colors as well as length. Australian label I AM GIA is most well known for updating the length to create a trendy bomber jacket style. Worn oversized, the Pixie coat is one of the favoured among faces of the fashion and Instagram world.

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With the varying lengths available today, the teddy bear coat can easily be dressed up or dress down. For a work winter look, the coat can be worn draped on your shoulders over a tailored suit. To prepare for those cold nights during this party season, the below-the-knee styles matches perfectly with a statement dress.

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With options today including a variety of pretty pastels, statement vivid colors or timeless classics, you will be able to find a teddy bear coat to go with anything and everything.

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Where To Grab Your Next Teddy Bear Coat

Steal: Something Navy Teddy Faux Fur Coat from Nordstrom now $89 (was $149).

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Splurge: Max Mara Teddy Bear Icon Coat $3590

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Na-Kd big collar teddy coat at ASOS $143


I AM GIA now has burgundy and khaki options at Revolve for $120

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What style of teddy bear coat do you like best? How do you wear yours? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.