With winter days in full swing, it’s time to refresh last season’s wardrobe and invest in some new must-have cosy pieces. Whether it’s a casual everyday look, a fitness winter outfit or a scenic walk, here are some ideas to update your wardrobe.

A Winter’s Walk Outfit

A cold winter’s walk on an early Sunday morning is the perfect start to anyone’s day of rest. But when it comes to feeling warm, comfortable and ready for the elements it can be tricky to look great but also keep toasty. When going out for a walk in winter the right outfit  is important. Choose shoes that have a good grip and are waterproof, especially if it’s been raining or snowing recently. Wearing your brand new white trending trainers is also not a great idea due to the ground most likely being muddy and uneven. 

If you are taking your walk for fitness rather than for the scenery, then layering up is a great choice. Layering allows you to retain your body temperature while also allowing you to remove items of clothing when you get warmer.

Winter Fitness Look

For the ones of us that like to keep active even in the winter months it can be tricky to know what to wear, especially if we are continuing to exercise outdoors. When hitting the elements outside while working out we always wonder how many layers we should be wearing. If you are anything like me you get very hot when exercising, even in the cold. This means that deciding what layers to wear is important. Wearing a sports bra as a base start to add layers of activewear such as a tank top or short sleeve breathable t-shirt. Then finish with a thermal jumper or sweatshirt that will be lightweight but also keep you warm. If you are running outside this winter, I find a fleece lined lightweight outer layer with a sports bra is the perfect combo. 

A great wardrobe essential for your activewear that you can wear all year round is animal print. Now classed as a neutral by most people, this statement print can be found trending in the gym. Available from neutral to bright neons this versatile design can be found at Dancing Leopard. Great to pair with all your preexisting gym wear, animal print leggings can be worn layered up in the winter months or dressed down in summer. 

Daytime Everyday 

When we think of winter fashion we usually think simple neutrals, big knits and oversized coats. But we also think of cosy comfortable outfits that we can throw on and go, but style usually takes a back seat, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Using statement coats, colour blocking and over exaggerated shapes, winter fashion can be more than just keeping warm. 

A winter wardrobe must have a statement coat. Think oversized shapes, bold colours and texture when choosing your next winter coat. The oversized look is trending and wont be going anywhere, so investing in a season after season oversized puffer, fur or parka coat is a great choice. Layering with a scarf, thin knitted top and ribbed knit or leather trousers is a perfect base for any everyday winter look.