Happy Tuesday!
So after over 1,000 votes and 67 comments, you’ve selected the winners of Fashion Bomb Daily’s Internship contest!
Intern #9, aka Esmesha was a fan favorite!
She wrote, “My God is truly awesome! It is such an esteemed honor and a privilege to become a part of the Fashion Bomb Daily team. First off, I want to extend a huge congrats to all my fellow interns. Yes, we were competitors but I see you all as outstanding and innovative masterminds! I hope each of you enjoyed this experience as much as I did. To my wonderful family and the Fashion Bomb Readers, thank you! Your support and well-wishes were the motivation that sustained me throughout the competition and I am forever grateful.”
Esmesha Campbell fashion bomb daily internship
“As a new intern, I plan to (hopefully) continue the Bomb Blogger feature while continuing to provide the Fashion Bomb Readers with the highest quality in fashion posts. From my Cool Online Finds to the hottest trends, I promise nothing short of extraordinary. To the Fashion Bomb team, I’m just ecstatic to be apart of such a distinctive staff. I’m here to work.” Ok!

Intern #2 aka Taylor was also widely popular!
She wrote, “It is an honor to have been chosen to be one of Fashion Bomb Daily’s interns! I have followed the blog for many years now and having the opportunity to contribute to its content is surreal and truly a dream come true!”
Taylor Intern 2 Fashion bomb daily
” I look to Claire not only as a role model but an inspiration for my own career. I can’t wait to intern for the Fashion Bomb team and look forward to bringing its audience my unique take on style and fashion for the young and fabulous on the rise!”

And lastly, I had to bring Intern #4 aka Hananne on! She nabbed third place with 18% of your votes.
She didn’t send in a pic, but wrote, “This competition was unexpectedly nerve-wrecking! To make things worse for me, everyone brought something unique to the table and with each new post I saw, I felt slightly more doomed. In the end, I’m obviously ecstatic to be given the opportunity to contribute as part of the team to such a reputable blog like Fashion Bomb Daily!”
“I’m also super happy that so many of you liked the DIY post! I’ve always been about reinventing my clothing without having to replace my entire wardrobe. I plan to share small projects that I get myself into with the hope to inspire you to rethink the clothes you wear daily and reuse the ones that were on their way out. I hope to offer interesting and stylish reads on emerging designers and trends. And if at any point they’re anything less than that, I’m confident that you all will politely let me know I’m not doing my job right. :)” Indeed!

They’ll be starting tomorrow–keep an eye peeled. Thanks to you guys for helping me make this tough decision.
Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who submitted. And internship winners, can’t wait to see what you have in store!


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