Despite its appearance, in CS:GO the knife doesn’t provide any advantage to its owner. When using a knife, the player will be able to gain enormous movement speed — it might even be the maximum. There will be approximate intervals before strikes in the cutting attack mode, but in addition there is also a stabbing option. With the latter, the attacks will be much faster, but the damage will be much less, so most players prefer the cutting mode. It is capable of killing an opponent with two blows from the front; just one is enough to kill him from behind. 

It must be remembered that each knife, including the M9, has its own sounds that opponents hear. For example, pulling out a knife will be silent to the enemy, but if you start scratching the wall with it, the enemy will certainly hear and turn around to kill such a player.

M9 Bayonet | Fade — What Are its Features?

If we talk about animation, then m9 bayonet fade is fully consistent with its appearance: a bold and bright version. When spectating, for example, the player will be able to observe the character holding its cold weapon, from all angles. The most interesting animation is pulling the knife out of the pocket, in which case the player will twist the knife a little in their own palms, similar to the usual bayonet.

If the user has an M9 in their hands, they will have a very fast movement speed, which is used for tactical purposes. The most obvious and competent use of a knife is to quickly hit the point desired by the user.

There are two types of M9 attack in the game:

  1. Fast type. This type of strike implies fast attacks, which at the same time will cause an insignificant amount of damage;
  2. Slow type. With this form of attack, the knife can wreak more damage, but the level of speed will not be phenomenal.

The M9 bayonet bears a clear resemblance to knives of a similar nature. The approximate length of the blade of the M9 is 18 centimeters, and the total length can reach 30cm. It is important that the blade is narrow.

M9 Bayonet | Fade — A Great Option?

This skin has a high price compared to other skins of this knife. The blade is covered with pink, orange, purple and gray colors, which are beautifully combined and as if they cannot be without each other. The handle of the knife is unpainted and has the usual black color.

Let’s take a look at the exteriors. In this case, there are only two options:

  • Factory New;
  • Minimal Wear.

There are no particular differences between the exteriors or price.

As we noted earlier, this skin is quite rare, so there are not many offers on the market. The cost of such a knife starts at $1,100 (Factory New). It makes it a good investment that can bring additional income, because so many users hunt this item in order to keep it for themselves to make a profit.