Home office smart blinds allow outdoor light to come to the rooms and save on electricity bills. Like the typical window blinds, the stylish blinds come in various patterns, colors, and sizes. What sets the smart blinds apart is their functionality and how they help control the light. They can be programmed to work with virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa. Many of these home office smart blinds can be adjusted according to pre-set schedules or other conditions. 

Features of smart blinds

  1. Controlled by remotes

Many of these home office smart blinds are controlled remotely through remote control or mobile device. Further, it helps to close or open the blinds without any direct manual input, using automated scheduling.

  1. Motors built-in

This feature is also activated by remote control. It also works with your voice and does the physical work of opening or closing the smart blinds. Some of the advanced home office stylish blinds come with built-in light sensors that control the shades based on exterior lighting. These sensors help to detect different day times like day or night. 

  1. Provides facility of virtual assistance

Some of the smart blinds come with integration, and the common ones are Alexa and Google Assistant. It enables the provision of sending voice controls in controlling the shades. 

Working of smart blinds

The home office smart blinds work in two ways. You can purchase stylish motorized blinds or even retrofit the current window treatments and convert them into brilliant shades. Many of the blind shades are sold with remotes to control the window covering treatments. Some smart motorized blinds offer geofencing technology meaning the shades adjust automatically to the location. If you want the shades to come up once the sun comes up, the smart blinds can do that too. 

Why would people prefer automated blinds?

  1. It helps in saving costs.

The cost of adding smart blinds can be higher but is helpful in the long run. The sensor and built-in lights help to save electricity costs. The automatic blinds work well with smart bulbs and can be adjusted accordingly. 

  1. It helps in accessing quickly.

There is no need to walk up to the smart blind to close or open it. You can do it with your voice or right from your couch. 


Professional installing is required in the case of home office smart blinds. A hub might be necessary for specific window treatments. Consider all the extra costs while making up the budget.