18 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Solange vs. Aubrey in 3.1 Phillip Lim”

  1. Same dress, but two different styles and colors. I think they both look fresh however, I am leaning more towards Aubrey because I am a sucker for the classic look… but that’s just me.

  2. I think they both look cute. ‘Cept Aubrey’s boobies look lopsided… lol!

  3. My vote goes to Solange. She avoids looking like a shapeless pouffe (or Glinda the Good Witch) by belting the dress and opting for the pink version and a bra.

    And where does the black nail polish fit in Aubrey?

  4. I agree with topseekrit that Solange wins, with the caveat about the makeup being worrisome. wasn’t there just a story on here about her wearing green lipstick? (yuck) From this man’s perspective, when it comes to makeup: less is more.

  5. SOLANGE! although im a little bias when it comes to her and kelis i always pick them without really looking at the competition lol

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