10 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Rihanna vs. Lala in Alexander McQueen Pelle Zip Up Boots”

  1. LaLa has grown-up and become a fashion icon in my book—not to glitzy, not too trendy, just STYLE, STYLE, STYLE! And she is still so naturally beautiful. Now if she can remain that way in these frazzled, hoogie-lookin’ Black woooomn times!

  2. Rihanna. LaLa’s dress is doing a lot and the booties take away from the look.

  3. Riri. Her outfit better captures the spirit of the shoe and creates one great look. Lala’s outfit seems more disjointed. I mean if I had that dress I wouldn’t think those were the best shoes for that dress.

  4. Lala … Riri looks like she’s trying too hard and looks slightly sloppy and outdated too much going on.. srry.

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