I smell a Halloween costume coming on!!
Normally demure Kelly Rowland donned a metallic paneled catsuit to an event last night that was strikingly similar to a silver number Amber Rose wore to SwaggMedia’s Persona Magazine Launch:

Kelly Rowland Amber Rose Catsuit

Sure the colors are different, but both outfits boast a plunging neckline, contrast panels, and an *ahem* tight fit.

Though Amber Rose and catsuit go together like milk and coffee, I think perhaps Kelly Rowland brought it home in this toe-to-toe. Her dark tendrils play well against her catsuit’s gold, black, and gray tones, and everything from her booties to bedazzled earrings make the outfit shine.

Amber certainly looks saucy…but perhaps it’s those albino contacts that throw her look off.

What do you think?

*Update* According to Love B Scott, the ladies are wearing catsuits from designer Pam Hogg’s Fall 2009 collection:


36 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Kelly Rowland vs. Amber Rose in Pam Hogg Catsuits”

  1. Both of them need to trash those jumpsuits. I’ve come to expect this look from Amber, but Kelly needs to have a seat.

  2. Now that you posted a comparison I think this is one of the same catsuits Solange wore a few months ago to one of her performances. She altered it quite a bit but its basically the same suit http://twitpic.com/8py2s

  3. Kelly hands down. but I wasn’t really feeling the gold, it shoulda been straight black and sliver…

  4. Although, I think the outfit looks better on Kelly, I am going to side with Amber on this one. Amber’s style is that edgy rocker look so this fits her. But, Kelly has always been the shy, good girl to me, so, I don’t like her rocking such an edgy style. I think it’s good to change up your look but stay within what fits your personality and personal style.

  5. 1.kelly’s look is more well put together … not feeling the albino contacts on amber rose – 1 POINT TO KELLY
    2. this is a different look for kelly and its interesting to see her in it …. tired of amber’s “signature look” – 1 POINT TO KELLY
    3. look is more believable on amber rose – 1 PONT TO AMBER

    Result: Kelly wins 2 to 1

  6. Amber….It’s HER. It’s funky as hell and it suits her personal style.Kelly’s not that much of an individualist…

  7. As much as I love Miss Amber she looks like something straight off of a spaceship – maybe that’s the look she was going for? Kelly Ripped it!

  8. I don’t really like either look to be honest, but if i must choose. Miss Kelly wins by default because if Amber had not of put those crazy costume contacts in her eyes she would have my vote. I don’t even like Amber Rose because i think she is trashy, but when it comes to fashion and style she would have taken this battle; however AS USUAL she does TOO MUCH and drops the ball….congrats Kelly!

  9. I love Amber but KELLY KILLED IT!…Her brown skin tones accentuates the gold trim…LOVE IT..They both look good tho..This is Amber’s signaure look!

  10. I totally agree! Kelly rocked it best! She looks fierce and fabulous! I actually love Amber Rose’s eyes or contacts but it clashed with the outfit and bright pink lipstick.

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