Bottled Blond bombshells have been rocking Louis Vuitton’s Spicy Sandals lately:


Ms. Rose added the hot kickers to her Alexander Wang dress, while Christina Milian went for a more laid back look.

Who wore ’em better?

Here’s the collection:


The shoes go for about 995 Euros, which translates roughly to $1,300. If you don’t have a month’s rent to spend, might I suggest considering these $150 Katrin Leather Exotic Sandals



11 thoughts on “Who Wore it Better? Amber Rose vs. Christina Milian in Louis Vuitton Spicy Sandals”

  1. im so battling with Christina’s new look i think the shoes look better on Amber Rose

  2. Amber Rose. Her outfit looks more together but Chrissy looks thrown together.

    I know everyone is not feelin Ms. Rose, but I like her style and I think she’s beautiful.

  3. c’mon ladies, Amber def has Unique style…how many times do we see fly women either in passing or in a magazine and give props where they’re due all the while NOT knowing what she does to maintain her appearance….so lets be fair, yes Amber may be one of Kanye’s many toys and vice versa, but she’s a gorgeous girl!

  4. Ms. Amber rocked them better. When she wants to stepup her style, NOONE can come close to Ms. Thang’s style game. Oh yea, Ms. Amber has the game on lock. She has (at times) been my new style inspiration. I hope Ms. Alexis is somewhere watching and noting!!!!! This my dear (absent the few hoochie mama looks) is how style is and should be done!!!!!!

  5. I know it’s been two years since this post was published but I NEED to know where CMilli’s sunnies are from, NEED TO!!!! plzzzz xo

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