IIf you’ve been wondering how to combat this hellish heatwave in style, look no further than Donald Glover. Yesterday the rapper turned showrunner managed to get a workout in despite temps being at an all-time high. Glover hit the streets of SoHo in a monochromatic and minimal look featuring this season’s hot ticket item for men: short shorts. Although Glover was in workout mode –indicated by his Brooks running shorts, Apple Watch, and Saucony sneakers– this fab fitness look does speak to the reveal of short-shorts for men.

Short shorts were first introduced for men and women in the 1930s and remained a summer/fitness essential in male wardrobes well into the ’90s. Along the way the boys seemed to have lost the recipe of a shorter, more breathable short, but for Spring/Summer 2022 the trend is back with a leg up on all other short styles.

Glover’s look is only one of many to light the internet ablaze, so we thought we’d introduce you to some of our favorite short short ‘fits as well. Though little in length, these looks aren’t short on style.

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