Jewelry allergies can put a real damper on your fashion sense. It is frustrating to buy that perfect pair of earrings only to find that they make your ears super sensitive. Finding accessories to match your wardrobe is more of a challenge, and you may be nervous about even purchasing earrings because you’re not sure what you need to look for.

If you are unsure of your next earring purchase because you are afraid of wasting time and money on earrings that will leave your earlobes painful and crusty, keep reading. This guide will give you the know-how you need in order to find the cutest hypoallergenic earrings around. Once you know how to look for the right hypoallergenic earrings, you may even want to get a gift box for earrings containing all the gorgeous earrings you find.

Finding the Cause

If earrings make your earlobes hurt, itch, or get crusty, you most likely have a nickel allergy. Nickel is one of the most common culprits of sensitivity to jewelry, with an estimated 10-20% of the population being allergic. This is likely because nickel is found in everything from zippers to water faucets. The prolonged repeated exposure over a long period of time gives people a higher chance of becoming allergic to the metal.  

The reason nickel is used in everything is because it is inexpensive, abundant, and durable. It mixes easily with other metals, withstands extremely high temperatures, and has a natural shine. This is why it is so popular in jewelry. Most metals, including gold and silver, are too soft to withstand being worn day in and day out. But metal alloys—any type of metal mixed with another metal—containing nickel are sturdy enough to be worn regularly, and the nickel they contain enhances their shine.

Hidden Nickel

The key to finding fun earrings that will not cause you problems to wear is making sure that they contain no nickel. Sounds simple, right? Since nickel is everywhere, there are some challenges that come with this task. Gold and silver earrings can have small amounts of nickel mixed in to make them more durable. 

Often, posts are made of a nickel base because the gold or other metal used to coat them is too soft to withstand wear. Finally, even if the actual earring and post are entirely nickel-free, it is a very common metal found in earring backs

What to Buy Instead

Gold that is at least 14k or higher is not likely to have any traces of nickel. Rose gold and white gold are the least likely to contain any nickel. However, since gold is too soft for posts, then gold will only be a coating for them. You need to confirm the base of the posts is made with sterling silver, titanium, or other nickel-free metals.

Surgical stainless steel is another good option for earrings that will not irritate sensitive ears. Earrings worn immediately after piercing are usually made of this metal. This is because it is safe enough for highly sensitive skin and does not react with exposure to tissues and body fluids. Other metals to consider, are titanium, palladium, or platinum.

Look for Certified Nickel Free Jewelry

There are at-home testing kits out there if you want to check the jewelry you already have, but they are not particularly dependable, especially when it comes to nickel that has a thicker coating of another metal that is nickel-free.

The best, most reliable way to be sure your earrings will not cause you misery, is by purchasing jewelry that is certified nickel-free. Not very many companies will do this, but the best earrings are made by companies that have the metals they use in their jewelry batch-tested, to ensure they are nickel free.

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