As we begin to emerge on the other side of the CoViD-19 pandemic, we need to adjust to the new normal. We expect to see the new normal in all industries, especially the events industry. 

This year, music festivals made a comeback. In August, 385,000 people attended the Lollapalooza. 

If you’ve already had your vaccination, you may be looking to attend your first post-pandemic music fest, too. Read on to know what to bring to a music festival in 2021.

Face Masks

Vaccinated or not, wearing a face mask is a must. This rule does not only apply in music festivals, but every time you leave the house.

A mask is vital since it may be tough to follow social distancing protocols in the venue. With the number of attendees in the venue, you may find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with a stranger.

Make sure to bring a sturdy mask that can hold up to your outdoor activities. Make sure to wear your mask the right way, and it covers your mouth and nose.

Comfortable Shoes

After you design your own custom t-shirt showing your favourite band, you need to look for comfortable shoes. 

A music festival involves a lot of standing, walking, and jumping. That means you will need a pair of reliable shoes that would not give in the middle of a moshpit. 

Make sure to wear something that you would not mind ruining. The venue can be muddy or dirty, so do not wear the white sneakers you love.

Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizers, or Alcohol

Hand-sanitizing stations will be available in the venue. But, running water and soap may not be as easy to find in the event. 

If you want to keep yourself protected, bring a bottle of sanitizer or alcohol to the festival. 

The problem is, some events do not permit these products. Sometimes, security does not allow bottled products. This is because some attendees use them to smuggle in alcoholic beverages.

Check the rules and regulations of the event to know if you can bring your sanitizer to the event. Otherwise, you can bring sanitizing wipes instead.

Look for wet wipes that can kill germs and bacteria. It’s best if you bought a pack still full of these wipes inside, so you can sanitize as often as you want.

Card Holders

Cardholders with strong lanyards are a safe way to store your ID. They can also keep your ticket and your vaccination card safe.

You can also use the lanyard to keep your wallet on your person. With a lanyard, you don’t need to hold onto your wallet the whole time. 

Having a lanyard prevents you from putting things in your pocket, where you can lose them. 

Portable Charger

Outlets can be tough to find at any outdoor event. Some events may have charging stations, but you should expect them to be always full.

Bring a portable charger so you can recharge your phone or camera even without an outlet. There are lipstick-sized portable chargers today, which can be convenient to bring.

Water Bottle

Music festivals limit what kind of liquid you can bring to the venue. Some ban cans and glass, while some ban any bottle with over one litre. 

Check the rules of the music festival and see the list of banned drinkware. If security allows water bottles, choose a lightweight bottle that is easy to carry.

These are only a handful of things you will need to bring to your first post-pandemic music fest. The list can change depending on your needs. But remember to have the things that can help you and others stay protected and safe.