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So Valentine’s day is coming up! Whether you’re cupcaking with you boo or hanging with your friends for a girl’s night out, the occasion calls for some saucy sparkle–preferably in red. Let’s look at celebs to see how it’s done:

Celebrate in a short hemmed cocktail like Serena and Eve…


…or go tea length…
… a la Alicia and Janet.
If you’re not really felling going all out, opt for a layered look…
…throw a wrap sweater or jacket over a dress like Sanaa, or simply wear a red knit with a leather jacket and leggings like Gabrielle.
If you’re feeling more ‘bahumbug’ but still want to show a little spirit, try adding a belt to your ensemble…

..slipping on a sleek shoe…
…rocking a cherry colored bag…
…or really getting adventurous with a turban….
…live a little!
A few Valentine’s worthy items for a steal:
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*Wonder what I’ll be doing?? Well…if you’re a Fashion Bomb vet, you’d know that I have serious foot problems. I decided that after Fashion Week, I would finally get my bunion removed. The surgery is set for tomorrow morning! Ack! I am terrified….terrified!!!! But. What better time than now? So while y’all are all cupcaking, boozing, and dancing, I’ll be holed up with my foot in a boot:( Knowing me, I’ll still try to update through my valium haze. Hopefully one of the interns can come through for me during my recovery. Pray for me!

* An Early Mail Bomb for ya:
Reader Maryam loved Rihanana’s look in this picture…
…she says, “I wanted to know if you can help me find this dress Rihanna had on at the Clive Davis Pre- Grammy Party last night. Its so hot!!!!!!!!!
Rihanna’s wearing a Mara Hoffman dress from the Fall 2008 collection (fresh off the runway!)…

Get a similar look with this Roberto Cavalli Deco Print Dress
…on sale for $1,566 (from $2,610) at www.net-a-porter.com.

6 thoughts on “What to Wear for Valentine’s Day”

  1. OMG claire!!!! you are going to be in so much pain, that is one of the most painful surgeries to have….. i know because i have inherited the gene from my dad :(

    Thankfully, i was educated and took my behind straight to the foot dr. and was told to not wear so much heels and pointed toe shoes. Thats when my ballet flats fetish came into play.

    All i can say is i empathize with you, the pain is excruciating.

  2. Monique, I’m sure your comment really made her feel better (sarcasm). Claire, don’t worry about it. Be strong!

  3. Even if it hurts it’ll only hurt temporarily (compared with your previous 10 years of suffering) and that’ll pass quickly. Good for you for just doing it!

    It’s nice to see a blog on which someone liked Rihanna’s Egyptianesque dress–I thought it was stunning. I also liked her recent lace shorts jumpsuit. I had no opinion of her a year ago, but now I’m totally enthralled by her. What a fabulous style she has!

  4. Claire, I just had the surgery 2 months ago and the pain is not that bad at all. You will have a hollow feeling in your foot for the first 2 weeks or so,but there is honestly minimal pain. They now have methods to complete the surgery where your recovery time and pain is minimal and no where near as painful as it used to be. The most painful thing is knowing all your cute shoes and heels will be collecting dust! It is worth it though, you will be fine, trust me.

  5. Cute Valentines day post.
    I wasn’t really crazy about that ethnic/bohemian dress that Rihanna was rockin, but she’s gorgeous and could do no wrong.
    Loved the Kidada Jones, and Sanaa Lathan pic..they’re some of my fav blak actresses/entrepeneurs! <3

  6. Here’s to a quick recovery! Having worn narrow pointy shoes for years, I definitely can relate! Let us know how it goes.

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