Written by: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | Fashion Bomb Intern

There’s a certain standard you have to commit to when you’re either A) the fashionista of the bunch B) the one to set the standards for the living room, or C) as the life of the party, know it’s imperative that you arrive–even fashionably late–with a jaw dropping look for a true season’s greeting. For the holidays, these Fashion bombers have the top looks worthy of appreciation while serving as our inspirations (the scoop on where to buy included!) Don’t worry Fashion Bombers, it’s totally fine if you’re all the above!

Makeup guru Aaliyah Jay, below, with her find from Fashion Nova, makes her all black moment look absolutely luxe. She pairs her close-fitting blazer, with black Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ pumps, and a chain Chanel bag; her bold red lip giving her outfit just enough color to add as an accent with the sparkles complimenting her dress, as well as the gold buttons. Other goodies from House of CB, are shown on both Sandra Shehab and Youtuber EstareLive, of a style range from sleek and effortless, to alternative and dauntless. too. The red off the shoulder dress and red lip doesn’t do too much, or crowd the moment. Neither does the silver dress of intricate details of the draping and deep cut. Each look has its own signature style, while still being simple enough dress up or even dress down.

But to compliment the Christmas Tree for an extra festive look, perhaps Tartan is your go to. Style influencer Lydia Rose, with her constant bomb fashionable moments on blog @FashionInflux, pairs her two piece from House of CB that gives you Cher from Clueless but for Christmas! She also serves another stylish look with her play on textures, from BooHoo, with a burgundy felt skirt and a slouchy turtleneck sweater. For a great pairing of such a pattern and texture, black patent leather snakeskin, or fire red engine red booties from Public Desire are also good choices I’d recommend. Here, you’re not playing it safe at all, but instead you’re conscious of patterns, textures, as well as colors that can match perfectly well.

Lastly, notoriously known as MsBlingMiami, Pascale Rowe gives you an idea of what Mrs. Claus for Christmas would be captured wearing, if only she had the range and closet to match! From her own brand ‘MsBlingBling’, she dons a red waist length pant, with her ‘Manchester’ blouse that isn’t just plain, although simple, with a red and black bow. Her sparkly ‘Birthday Suit’ sequined set also a classic that’s suitable for any Christmas party ( giving you slight ornament tease), or a way to bring in the New Year. Whether, sparkly, felt, patent, suited, dressy, sleek and clean cut, the range of Holiday fashion doesn’t have to be too complicated if you have the right style in mind, with your own signature touch to put it all together. With such attempts, you’re sure to bring Joy to the World…the fashion world, that is.