Holiday season is here! And with holidays come holiday parties!
Office parties are every other day and New Years is just around the corner. Having trouble figuring out what to wear? I’ve got you covered!

Office Holiday Party

At your work jammer you’d love to wow your coworkers with your keen fashion sense, but you don’t really need to go overboard in sequins, short hemlines, or spiked heels. I’d suggest keeping it simple: pair a somewhat fancy top (think ruffles, bows, or metallic sheen) with a pencil skirt or black pants, throw on a chic black dress with bold accessories, or wear a holiday inspired item (jacket, skirt) with a white shirt and jacket. A few examples:


If your office is a bit more dressy, you can throw a bit of gold in the mix, or add a jacket with cascading necklaces….
A few work perfect items for less than $100:

Bottom Row: Burlington Tartan Mini, $98,; Silk Chiffon Tie Neck Blouse, $48,
Pair the satin or tie neck blouse with a black skirt or trouser; match the tartan mini with a white shirt and jacket, and throw the glam cardigan over the strapless dress (or anything really–it’s dressy enough on it’s own!)

New Years

For New Years, all bets are off! Flaunt your sexiest, sweetest frock. But always be mindful that you can only wear it once, so don’t spend a ton. To set yourself apart from the gold sequined flock, try rocking a frock in a bold, bright color, or an embellished look. A few New Years worthy examples:

Try the following low priced options:
Now toast to the New Year!


Fashion, News, and What Nots

*Gabby Union looked party ready at a the ‘The Perfect Holiday’ event last night at Marquee…
…Work this look for an office fete by throwing on a cardigan like the Jeweled Glam Cardigan above.
*The Huffington Post has no love for Marc Jacobs.
*Need shoes to go with everything? Check my post on Oh…Deer shoes

*Omarion visited 106 & Park yesterday…
His scarf gets two snaps, but what do we think of guys with hair…out to there?

10 thoughts on “What to Wear for the Holidays”

  1. hey! I went to “The Perfect Holiday” premiere party, and I have to say the party was in VIP…but isn’t that always the case…
    anyways, Gabby and Queen did look amazing in person, their skin flawless…
    snaps to the makeup artists!


  2. Yep, I rocked my sequin dress at our black and white cocktail year-end party. I thought it would be too much for the corporates, but some were wearing similar. Not as fly as moi though…

    And I hate men with hair, no matter the length. A caesar is as far as I can go. I loves me a man with a tight fade. My boyfriend asked me about growing his hair out. I popped a contact giving him the evil eye. We’ll have to “review” our relationship if that happens… Or I’ll ambush him in his sleep. Because I’m not spending my weekend braiding his hair; I barely have time to do my own.

  3. He looks sexier then ever, I’m not so sure about the tight pants, buts everythings an A+ in my book!

  4. I like to see men putting going beyond the typical men’s wear fashion (as long as they don’t have an appearance that looks too pampered – I’m cool with it.)
    BUT is that a purse hanging off his shoulder. An oversized bag is still a purse FYI.

  5. I really like the purple tie-neck blouse and I think I need to own it. Plus, the price is right. Thanks Claire! ;-)

  6. Hey, I love reading your blog and keeping up with the latest beauty must-haves! While you’re on the topic of Holiday style, I was wondering if you’d seen the new Diesel Fuel For life limited edition fragrances? The packaging is amazing. There’s a small vial on a pocket chain, or a gorgeous bling bottle wrapped in gilded chains – both available for girls or boys. Thought you should hear it first!

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