Written by: Jennet Jusu (@TheJusuQuench) | Fashion Bomb Intern

What to Wear: Black with Denim!

I must say it’s something that’s so crisp and edgy about the mixture of black and denim that can set the tone for any outfit. Whether it’s the texture that’s played with, the article of denim or even the placement of it, such an outfit makes it crystal clear that less is definitely more.

Perhaps you can enliven your look with a fur jacket, leather corset or top (faux and vegan for my conscious ones) that gives a cool balance in pieces…

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Paired with a black stiletto or booties. The main goal is to avoid playing it safe! Even go a little bolder with crystal embellishments. Whether in a mesh tank or accents for a ‘wow!’ factor, too much isn’t done with the denim offering a touch of casual; for Bombers that believe it’s still simply not enough, dash an accessory or two to really go there.

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Now for my edgy Bombers that opt to be daring with intricate cuts, and wanting to jazz up your fit a bit more, a puffed up shoulder with a squared neckline, or an off-the-shoulder crop top can do the trick. The great thing about denim and black, that any Fashionista can appreciate, is the versatility it provides. You really can’t go wrong with either or so why not rock them both together? After all they’re both so bomb!

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