Although the match might be the attention-grabber, large sporting events such as Wimbledon in the UK are hubs of fashion, where the famous and the not-so-famous can show off their style in front of fellow tennis fans. To plan an outfit that all the attendees will admire, read on for some inspiration on what to wear to a match, and even how to plan your own sporting party.

How can you show your team pride?

One of the most exciting ways to dress on the days of sporting events is to show your team pride through your outfit, incorporating the colors of your team into your clothing. Now that most matches are flooded with a rainbow supporting the teams playing, you should consider opting for team colors. However, team pride does not have to be garish, and many sports lovers incorporate their team colors into smart outfits such as suits and blazers in order to make a statement and still remain stylish. 

However, if you want to go for the traditional look of sporting events, you should consider investing in a team jersey or sweater which enables you to promote your team in an instantly recognisable manner. Although you might not believe that these are the most fashionable options, when paired with a smart skirt or tucked into a pair of bootleg trousers, you will instantly be able to heighten the appearance of this item.

What are the best fashions for sporting events?

When you go to sporting events, there are usually loose dress codes to support your fashions that you must comply with. If you are searching for the perfect feminine look this season, you might consider opting for a full, A-line dress in pastel or pale colors, which will help you to look elegant and regal while aligning with the traditional and classic fashions of most sporting events. 

However, suits are always an excellent option for both women and men, as these can help you to adjust to the weather outdoors, as well as remain smart throughout the match. Not only is this a simple option that will ensure that you do not look out of place, but a well-tailored suit can add instant expense to your outfit, however much you paid for it. 

You should also consider the options within the sporting match that you are attending. For instance, those attending tennis events may be asked to follow a strictly white dress code, which offers itself to many full-length dresses and pleated shirts throughout the day. 

Can you have your own sports party?

If you are attending an after-party, or are simply holding one at home to experience the thrills of the match without actually attending, there are still some considerations for fashion that you should think about. While you may be able to conduct a tennis livestream to allow you to enjoy the event within your own home, enabling you to follow the results wherever you are, most people will still opt for colors that match the sport that they are attending. However, you do not have to keep strictly to this color, and flashes of floral patterns or other pale colors can help you to look chic and stand out.

You may also want to add glamor by combining the traditional colors with metallics and glitter to ensure that you shine throughout the night. Though what could be better than showing off the traditional flair of garden parties? By adding patterned, shirt, and bodycon dresses, you will be able to look sophisticated while enjoying the summer weather.