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The whole idea of spending a few days away from work, from stress and from the daily routine sounds exciting. On an average, people spend $1,979 on summer vacations. Now that you’ve already spent so much, you wouldn’t want to go overboard with shopping only to realise later that you cannot pack even half the items. Styling experts at Bag Heaven, a reputed manufacturer of LV Replica Purses, say that it is possible to spend less and still choose quality products.

Here is the ultimate guide for your vacation shopping and packing. With this list, you’ll control splurging and save more.

Do Your Homework

The first step to buying and packing should be to know about the destination you’ll be visiting, including its weather, the culture and the activities planned. While it seems easy to pack whatever you find first in your closet, that floral maxi dress might not be best suited for horse-back riding or if it will be raining too heavily! Be it a party that you’re planning to attend or a jungle safari, every activity demands that appropriate outfit and being prepared for it is definitely the best bet!

Dress Up or Dress Down

It’s easy to get tempted and pack seven different outfits for five days. You never know what you’ll need! But doing so will make your baggage too bulky to lug around. The smart and easy way to pack less is to wear an outfit more than once. It doesn’t mean you will look the same because you can accessorise differently. Adding a belt or a bag can completely change the look of the outfit, especially if the accessories are replicas of designer brands at extremely low costs. You can pick out cheap Louis Vuitton bags and purses to look chic. You can easily get designer Louis Vuitton replicas at wholesale handbag prices and even LV wallets and belts on sale.

Don’t Forget Those Shoes

Just like clothes, shoes must be selected according to the weather and itinerary. You don’t want to wear heels for bowling or to the beach, right? In fact, shoes complete the look. Choosing versatile shoes that go with multiple outfits will save a lot of extra luggage. Creating a look based on your most comfortable footwear can be a better and easier way to dress up, especially if you know you’re going to walk a lot.

Consider the “What Ifs”

What if it rains? What if it gets colder at night? What if you add a last-minute dinner date to the itinerary? These “what ifs” are many and sometimes inevitable. It’s a good idea to pack an extra wrap, slightly comfy shoes (just in case those newly bought ones give your blisters), an extra belt or a cardigan to zhuzh up any dress. Considering these uncertain circumstances will help a lot in planning ahead of the vacation.

Do not shy away from repeating or mixing and matching the different pieces to create the look you want. Packing tops that match all bottoms will increase your options. Layering is another tip that comes in handy when trying to figure out what to wear. And, even if everything else fails, your designer Louis Vuitton replicas will come to the rescue.