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So usually, we give you guys a rundown of all the trends that are a hot this season, but today I’m going to take a different approach and tell you what trends to stay away from.  Heck, some of them shouldn’t have even see the light of the day!

First up…jeans with distracting embroidery:


There are a ton of ways to gain attention by what you wear.  This, however, is not one of them.  Most of the time, the people behind you will be staring at your backside, but probably not in the way that you want them to.

Speaking of distracting designs


Tops with tattoo designs are out…officially.  It shouldn’t be one’s aim to want to look like the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy threw up on them.

Next,  neck scarves for guys:


I have to admit that I wanted one when they first came out, but I never got around to getting one.  Just as well, since everyone and their grandparents have one!  They’ve been around for about 2 years now, so it’s pretty safe to say that this trend is done.

There are heels with a pointed toe, then there are these


You have to admit that these shoes are deeply unattractive and can most certainly be mistaken for weapons.  Some women may be able to pull these off under wide-leg trousers for a work-appropriate ensemble.  But there are many who wear these bad boys with short shorts and dressy tops in the clubs.  Definitely not a good look.

While we’re on the topic of fugly shoes


What’s so bad is that I see shoes like these in just about every shoe store I go to!  Can you blame me for not wanting my shoes to resemble an oversized elf’s footwear?

And last, because this one NEVER gets old…


Where to begin? All my college students know that it wouldn’t be college unless we saw at least 3 girls rocking the sweatpants in the Uggs.  It’s cool if it actually snows where you are, but if these are still on after 2 PM, then that’s just a huge no-no, no matter how much mascara you have on.

So what do you guys think?  Did I miss anything?


23 thoughts on “Vuitton Says: What Not To Wear”

  1. I was jUST doing some spring cleaning and found an old pair of pointy toed pumps… I let em go! Glad I made the right decision. lol

    And I’ll have to let hubby know about his embroidery and tatooed clothing.. I never liked.. hehehe..

  2. awww, man….those victoria secret sweats are soooo comfy!!! but i agree….if it’s 2p and doesn’t even snow in your neck of the woods the sweats AND the uggs gotta go!

  3. So on point Vuitton! I concur with everything you said.. and can we talk about sunglasses… especially “Kanye or Beyonce” inspired sunglasses??

  4. Vuitton, you are right on! I abhor pj’s and Uggs. It just looks dumb.Thank God the tatooed shirts/hoodies are out. I never liked them.

    not my UGGS! -dies slowly-I actually wear them with jeans wearing sweatpants to do anything besides jogging or late night run to the store is just not acceptable to me ….. i`m sorry I`m not ready to let that go especially when I have to get up at the ass crack of dawn to make it to my first class and then be there until 9:30 @ night “/ it’s not like i`m wearing them on a date or something… I agree with everything else though

  6. Vuitton, thanks so much for this post. I totally feel the same way about fringe scarves for both men and women. The trend is over.

    If I had to add something else, it would be those hideous fake Dooney & Bourke giraffe print handbags. I was recently on a trip down South where everyone, and I do mean at least 70% of the ladies in the mall, was wearing some variation of fakeness. Yuck.

  7. Excellent job Vuitton, I totally agree with everything on your list, especially those hideous pumps. I crack up everytime I see a chick in the club with pointy toe pumps and shorts/dress thinking she doing it…LOL!

    I would also add to the list, anything that has a loud ass logo on it…be it Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms etc. Looking like you’re a walking billboard isn’t a good look.

  8. You could also add, wearing uggs within a inch of their life. Just today on my way to class, i was walking behind this girl and her uggs were chewed up. I was tempted to tell her honey let them go.

    V should just do a segment on girls wearing ill fitting clothing, specifically girls who walk around looking as if you went through a major growth spurt within the last few hours.

    Appearing as if you greased yourself to get into a pair of jeans and accentuating your muffin top with a way to tight cropped jacket is NOT cute…walking off my soap box lol

  9. You are so on point. And lets not forget the fake ugg/tattoo combo shoe that you can find at like charlotte russe.

  10. Yes Yes Yes!! Everything is on point. I hate when people wear coogi jeans or apple bottoms!

  11. Vuitton you were on point. I think the only point you missed was ill-fitting skinny jeans. If you are going to wear skinny jeans they must fit your body perfectly and it really isn’t a good look to wear them without heels.

  12. Hilarious! Wonderful advice Vuitton. I thought I was the only one who hated those elf dress shoes, especially when they’re worn with the tight pants!

  13. Please add colorful plastic accessories to that list. If see another person wearing white plastic star earrings, I’m gonna go nuts.

  14. that’s sound advice. I especially appreciated the sweatpants/uggs frat girl combo. I’m from Minnesota but I go to school in LA – I let it pass when it’s 10 F outside, but it’s too much out here in 70 F weather.

  15. I never liked those jeans…their made for people who must tell the world how much they cost…lol…uggs are cute in the winter indeed unless you like sweaty feet…


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