With so many smells to choose from, shopping for new perfume may be daunting. Not only are there a plethora of smells to choose from, but there are also several fragrance intensities. The scent concentration is usually listed beneath the name of the perfume on the bottle. The strength of the scent is measured by its concentration. 

More perfume oils and less alcohol are found in perfumes with a greater scent concentration. Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Eau Fraiche are all fragrance concentration catégories. So, to assist you in finding the appropriate scent for you, we’ve broken down what Eau de Parfum is.

What Is The EdP Perfume Concentration Level?

Eau de Parfum (EdP) is a kind of perfume that is somewhat more fragrant than Eau de Toilette, Eau de Cologne, and Eau Fraiche.

Eau de Parfums contain a higher concentration of aromatic chemicals up to 15 percent to 20 percent and can stay longer on the body. Some individuals save their Eau de Parfum for the evening and only use an Eau de Toilette during the day, but the scent has no restrictions!

As perfumes get more concentrated, costs will inevitably rise and container sizes will decrease. Don’t worry if you believe you’re getting ripped off; many people consider Eau de Parfum to be a fair value for money.

Consider this: a few dabs provide a rich, deep aroma that lasts all day and doesn’t require reapplication. You may layer it up for a big event or apply it softly for regular use.

Eau de Parfum comes in stoppered bottles due to its high concentration, but sprays are still quite popular: they’re merely 1-2 oz. instead of the 3-oz. bottle, you’d find with an EdT.

The typical duration of Eau de Parfum is ten to sixteen hours. Even though Eau de Parfum has a larger alcohol content than Parfum, it is healthier for sensitive skin than other scent categories. Eau de Parfum is a popular type of fragrance that is ideal for regular use.

Why Would It Cost More to Buy Eau de Parfum?

Eau de Parfum, often known as EdP, is the second most concentrated of all the fragrances.

EdP fragrances are inherently more costly than EdT scents, but they stay longer, up to 10 hours on skin and roughly 16 hours on clothing. Its price is justified by its longevity.

A decade ago, Eau de Parfum was solely available in lady perfumes. But, thankfully, more and more EdP scents are becoming offered to men, and those who have gotten on the EdP bandwagon will never look back!

So, why would anyone want an EdT perfume anymore? The solution is because it is one of the freshest perfumes among others currently on the market. Eau de Parfum fragrances are often significantly stronger, and not everyone can tolerate the aroma of a powerful perfume. You also wouldn’t want to wear an exceedingly strong perfume in hot weather or in locations where you spend most of your time, such as a tiny workplace with few people.

However, not all EdP scents are overpowering; some might be as delicate as EdT.

When Should You Use EdP Concentration?

Eau De Parfum is a must-have if you’re going out on a date or for any other special event. EdP perfumes have a stronger effect and linger longer; they also don’t fade over the day. This makes Eau de Parfum an excellent choice for passing the time over a few beers.

EdP Concentration Perfumes For Women

Women’s Eau De Parfums are frequently far more powerful and richer than men’s, which is why they are often saved for nighttime wear; however, there is no hard and fast rule! Alien by Thierry Mugler is a floral woody scent that is one of the most unusual perfumes of the last 15 years. Alien is energising and strong, combining jasmine with cashmere and white amber.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million is another popular EdP for ladies, with a vivid perfume of orange, raspberry, and jasmine. It’s a fresh and sparkling scent with neroli, patchouli, and amber that will stay all day.

EdP Concentration Aftershaves For Men

Mont Blanc Explorer is a superb example of an EdP with an aromatic and stimulating perfume for men’s aftershaves that won’t go ignored. It’s a woody and earthy scent made with bergamot and pink pepper, as well as leather, patchouli, and Haitian vetiver.

Dior Sauvage, which was first marketed as an EdT, is a cult favourite of many. Bergamot is mixed with a unique mixture of Szechuan pepper, nutmeg, and lavender in the new EdP form, revealing new facets to the scent. It’s a smokey, woody smell with a vanilla base that lasts for a long time.

Best Storage Practices for EdP Perfumes

It’s critical to store an EdP with care to keep its scent as fresh as possible. To prolong your enjoyment of the smell’s silage, follow these guidelines:

  • Always keep your EdP perfume in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not store an EdP in a damp environment, such as a restroom.
  • Before using the bottle, do not remove the container lid and do not shake it.
  • Keep the bottle out of reach of children.
  • Keep it away from fire since it is very combustible.
  • Because an EdP’s fragrance lasts longer on cotton garments, wear cotton-based fabrics to stay scented all day.
  • An EdP’s shelf life is usually measured in years.

Different Types of EdP Concentration Perfumes

In the market, there are primarily two types of EdP. The first is floral, while the second is non-floral, which includes fruity, woody, mask, and oriental EdPs. There are two versions of EdP available, one with a gentle scent and the other with a powerful scent.

Where Should EdP Concentration Perfumes Be Sprayed?

The application of an EdP is an art, and the finest silage effect of the smell depends on the competence of application. The following are some of the most prevalent places where EdP should be used:

  • Knees on the backside,
  • Cleavage
  • Wrists
  • Thighs within
  • On the lobes of the ears
  • Button on the belly, etc.
  • Direct spray-on hair, on the other hand, may cause hair to become dry, therefore spritz on your hairbrush before combing.


Regardless of a fragrance’s concentration, there are certain areas on the body where it should be applied for maximum depth and duration of aroma release. Throughout the day, those pulse spots behind your ears, on your neck, elbows, and wrists will warm up and revive your fragrance. Some perfume specialists even propose applying perfume beneath your legs to allow the aroma to ascend!

As it turns out, picking a fragrance requires more thinking than just deciding which one smells the best or has the cutest bottle. Whether you select an Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, or splash for a Parfum depends on how long you want the scent to remain and how strong it is.