When summer strikes, the first thought on everyone’s mind is to pick the hottest swimwear and hit the beach.

Unless you are in the.00000001% of the population with the perfect body, shopping for a new swimsuit is no walk in the park. You not only have to buy something trendy, but one that also fits your body just right.

While almost everyone has a hard time, the pressure is acute for the trans, queer and non-binary community, whose swimwear options are minimal.

Things are getting better, though. Albeit slowly.

While people who don’t fit the traditional gender binary have been around for a long time, swimwear designers have often ignored them because they don’t view the market as large enough to be profitable.

Luckily, things are now looking up as a good number of independent designers have stepped up to the plate with gender-inclusive designs.

More than ever, there is a growing catalog of gender-inclusive swimwear options that you can frolic around in. You have plenty to experiment with from swimwear with bold patterns, funky colors, and even smaller bikini bottoms.

To look good, you need to buy the right outfit.

As much as many brands have stepped in, and there are plenty of non-binary swimwear outfits, such as gay swimwear from Kaftko, it doesn’t mean that you should pick any outfit you come across. Instead, you need to take your time and weigh your options before taking the plunge.

What are some of the things you should consider when buying your swimwear?

The impression you want to make

What are you looking to achieve with your swimsuit? Are you looking to impress someone? Don’t worry too much about the look; wear whatever feels comfortable and works for you.

If you want to give a professional vibe, go for conservative (but not an exaggerated) length. Go for a conventional style (such as trunks or square cuts). When it comes to colors, go for solid or dark colors. Restrained stripes are also a great choice.

Do you want to look sexy? Go for eye-catching colors and patterns. You can easily go overboard and look like a crown with colors, so pace yourself. Great choices include: plaids, stripes, bright solids, and a little edgy floral patterns.

Your body

It’s the 21st century, and you can wear whatever you want, but a little self-consciousness doesn’t hurt. You must be more conscious of your body type and choose an appropriate outfit.

If you are a little soft around the middle, go for an outfit that will even things out. This means you should avoid anything with a tight, strongly elasticized waist opening, as it will dig into your belly.

Unless you have tonned thighs and buttocks, don’t go for a tight thong or swimming brief, as you will expose a lot of jiggle.

A well-toned and fit body is everyone’s dream, but it can lead to you being too sexualized. If this isn’t what you are looking for and don’t want to draw everyone’s attention, go for longer, form-fitting styles such as skin suits or jammers.

How active you will be

How intense will your activities be while on the beach? You should be cautious about this. If you will be doing a lot of leg movement, avoid swimwear with a lot of loose fabric, as when wet, the loose fabric will easily chafe you.

Will you spend a lot of time in the water swimming? To reduce drag, you need an outfit with a tighter fit.

If you will be exposed to the sun for extended periods, go for an outfit that will cover both the upper and lower body.

Quality swimwear doesn’t come cheap. Here is what to do if you can’t afford one.

As much as you would want to strut around the beach in your new swimwear, you might not be able to afford it. If you are strapped for cash, you shouldn’t worry, as you can always improvise.

For example, if you prefer masculine styles, go for board shorts. You can also improvise a little with athletic gear.

If you are on the feminine side of the spectrum, you are disadvantaged, as you have limited options to play around with. Excellent choices include mesh athletic gear that doubles as a swimsuit. If you want more coverage, wear board shorts.

While improvising is an excellent option when you are in a tight financial position, it can be tricky for amateurs or those that don’t have a DIY hand. 

To save the situation, it would be good for the industry to step up and come up with beautiful and affordable outfits.

Brands, it’s time to take on the mantle.

In as much as there are outfits for gays and other members of the queer community, the penetration hasn’t trickled down to most mainstream retail stores where anyone can easily access the outfits.

You can feel the gap when you visit these stores and can’t find swimwear that you can comfortably wear.

Due to the gap that is still in the market, it would be a wise move for more brands to step in and feed the demand.

With nearly 150,000 American teens identifying as transgender and millennials being the gayest generation, there is a hungry market for different brands to take advantage of.

As the swimwear brands design the clothes, they must be highly innovative and inclusive of everyone’s tastes and preferences.

Besides boldly colored gay men’s swim trunks, swanky speedos, swim shorts, and camo-styled stud swimwear, the brands need to also design clothes for straight people that don’t feel comfortable in strictly binary bathing suits.

The brands need to ensure that everyone has the freedom to comfortably go to the beach and easily find the swimwear they want.

Even with the decent penetration level, you still have to spend hours on the internet to find proper non-binary bathing suits. Swimwear brands must come in droves and make this a thing of the past.

It shouldn’t be hard to find a decent non-binary bathing suit.